Registration for VAKE Expedition 2018
By filling out this form, you register for Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro Expedition 2018.

Before you register, please read the Expedition Manual and the Packing list found here:

All participants register separately, but we ask for your team name and the name of the other team member(s).

Respond in Norwegian or English - Latin letters.

First - fill in your e-mail address. You will get a copy of your own registration form. Then, wait for confirmation e-mail and invoice from

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I would like to rent a pulka from VAKE (NOK 750,-)
Double Paris with fixed drag (packing bags not included)
I would like to buy gasoline (white gasoline/purified gasoline) or gaz (butan/propane). Specify below
(You cannot bring gasoline or emergenzy flares on planes)
Any other questions? Something we need to know?
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I have read and I understand the Expedition Manual and Packing List. I accept the terms and conditions. I (think I) can do this! *
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