Seattle Central Honorlock Request Form
Use this form for requesting Honorlock to be integrated into your Canvas course(s).

Please remember, we are currently piloting Honorlock, and this program requires students to be able to access Canvas quizzes using a Windows-based computer, Mac, or Chromebook with Webcam. We have a limited number of tests at this time and ask that faculty only use this tool if replacing a face-to-face proctoring requirement exercised in their courses prior to COVID-19. Other recommendations of use include limiting which tests to proctor (e.g., midterm and final only) and being prepared to offer alternative assignments in order to address accommodations and access gaps. If you have questions about whether or not this tool is appropriate for your course, please discuss this with your dean.

Request Deadline: April 30, 2020

Training materials will be provided separately soon. Thanks!
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Please provide the four-digit item number (e.g., 1023) for each of the courses you would like Honorlock integrated with. If any of your courses are merged, please indicate that as well.
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