CCARC Repeater Coverage Survey
A survey to gather coverage information about the Carroll County Amateur Radio Club's repeater coverage.
CCARC maintains four repeaters:
Westminster: 145.410 MHz, “-” offset, PL 114.8 Hz
Westminster: 449.875, “-” offset, PL 127.3 Hz, FM& C4FM
Westminster: 53.090 “-” offset, PL 107.2 Hz
Sykesville: 147.285 “+” offset, PL 107.2 Hz

The data will be used to create a plan to improve our repeater coverage and possibly provide additional services.

You may enter data as many times as you like, for example, you test from your home and enter that data then later test from your car. Each can be a different entry.

For more information or to see the evolving map visit Note that updating the map is a manual process so it may take a day or two for your submission to appear.

Thanks, and 73,

Don, W3DVG and Pete, WV3S

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