Evaluating Information Quality (InfoQ)
Professors Ron Kenett and Galit Shmueli would like to invite you to rate 5 studies in the context of a multinational effort to develop a validated approach to the assessment of information quality (InfoQ).

The studies involve using data for addressing a particular goal. They range from analyzing data on air quality, to economic indicators, to Internet real-estate calculators.
A short report and a brief set of slides describe each study.

Specifically we ask you to evaluate 8 dimensions for these 5 studies:
(1) Data resolution
(2) Data structure
(3) Data integration
(4) Temporal relevance
(5) Generalizability
(6) Chronology of data and goal
(7) Construct and action operationalization
(8) Communication

For a more detailed explanation of InfoQ and the 8 InfoQ dimensions see next page. After that, five pages will follow, each with an evaluation form for a study.

What's in it for you?
By evaluating InfoQ on these studies...
* you will learn how to evaluate the potential of data analysis, thereby saving you time, effort, and uncertainty for your own data analytic efforts and providing you with solid guidelines.
* you can compare your assessment with others' -- we will share the results of this study with interested participants
* we will also reward the first 100 people who submit a complete, adequate form with a choice of a free eBook authored by Prof. Galit Shmueli

And you will contribute to the body of knowledge on the use of data analysis!

Thanks in advance for your contribution,
Galit Shmueli (galit.shmueli@iss.nthu.edu.tw)
and Ron Kenett (ron@kpa-group.com)

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