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Who we make the check to, John Brown XYZ Corp etc
How many signs do you place and what routes? *
Detail site name, builder, and quantity so we can bill them and pay you correctly
How many signs did you lose and which routes? *
Detail job name and quantity so we know where you are having problems
Exactly where did you lose signs? Do we need to change locations and/or map? *
If signs get lost more than once or twice at same location get with your area manager immediately to discuss work around options
Do you need any materials, signs, arrows or stands? Give ATLEAST two weeks notice. *
How much do you show you are due for this weeks work? *
We want to pay you correctly and bill client correctly
Any other questions or concerns? Also have we overpaid or underpaid you? *
We want to pay you correctly. Remember you are on a week lag
What weekend does this report cover? *
ex. Jan 11-12, 2014
Are you doing any additional service? (such as a rider change) *
Please list specific builder and community name.
What is your current phone number AND email address if we have any questions? *
PLEASE do not say "same"
Do you have any old materials you are not using for your area manager to pick up? *
Do you see any new communities in your area? Do you see any routes by other placement companies that could use improving? If you keep your area managers informed it will mean more routes for you! *
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