Borderlands Get Free Fund Application
Thank you for your interest in obtaining assistance for your community member and/or loved one through the Borderlands Get Free Fund! The requirements to be eligible to request access to funds are: 1) bond or parole must have already been set by ICE or the Immigration Judge; 2) that the person requesting funds is detained at Otay mesa Detention Center (OMDC) or Imperial Regional Detention Facility (IRDF) or that they are a longstanding member of San Diego or Imperial Counties; 3) that the amount of the set bond/parole is no greater than $5,000.

Please note that, if selected, the bond or parole will be paid by the revolving bond fund; upon completion of the individual's case, the funds posted will return to the Borderlands Get Free Fund to continue freeing people from detention.

Please answer the questions below to help us assess whether your loved one/community member is eligible to request funds. If possible, attach any relevant documentation to this form. We will be in touch with you regarding any next steps. Please do not include the A number of the person seeking access to funds on this form.

If you want more info on the Borderlands Get Free Fund click here:

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