AFP Greater Toronto Chapter Speakers Discovery Series - Call for Speakers
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, March 30, 2018

EVENT DATE: Wednesday, May 9, 2018

EVENT VENUE: Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen St West, Toronto

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What is the Speakers Discovery Series?
We are looking for anyone who has a fundraising story to tell. It can be funny, sad, scary, beautiful or horrifying. We are all living the fundraising world every day and are creating our own stories. This is a way to share those stories with others in the field all while experiencing the thrill of being on stage and speaking to a crowd.

No decks, no props - just you and your story. There are no barriers to entry here - simply submit your story. All submissions will be reviewed and receive feedback. While we can only have around 7 speakers at each one of these events there will be many in the future so your story may be selected for an upcoming event.

All stories must be at least 7 minutes but no longer than 12 minutes when performed. All speakers will be asked to meet with a member of the committee to do a run through of their story to ensure it meets length requirements and that the story is well constructed. Coaching will be built into being selected for this event.

Do you have questions? Want to talk through a proposal? Reach out to us and we can help you get started or check out or sample submissions and stories here:

What are the Benefits of Applying?
- Opportunity to test out your public speaking skills in a safe environment
- Personal speaking coach to help you prepare
- AFP speaking score to increase your odds of acceptance when submitting to speak at Fundraising Day or Congress in future
- Constructive feedback on your performance from 3 expert AFP speakers
- Audio clip of your story to share and add to your fundraising portfolio
- Bragging rights
Theme: Dilemma
As fundraisers we face choices every day; some feel inconsequential, while others can weigh on you and exhaust your mental energy. It can seem like the right decision may never arrive as you struggle to consider every alternative. This edition of the Speaker Discovery Series invites fundraisers to share their story of a dilemma – what was your difficult choice and how did it turn out? What happened when you faced your dilemma? Let’s all share and support each other while exploring the "grey areas." Dilemmas will happen and we don’t need to bear them alone.
If you are submitting more than one proposal for consideration, please submit a separate application form for each proposal. Please note that you may only submit a maximum of THREE proposals.
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