AMSA Council 2 2019 Policy Survey Questions
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Feedback regarding the issues raised in AMSA (Australian Medical Student's Association) policies for Council 1 [July 4-7 in Hobart].

POLICIES With links:
Medical Students with Disabilities


Bonded Medical Scheme

Health and Human Rights

Australian Foreign Aid

Bullying and Harassment in Medicine

Rural Health and the Medical Curriculum

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1. Do you support calling for increased research into the prevalence and management/ interventions addressing bullying and harassment of medical students in Australia, or is international research adequately generalisable to the Australian context? *
2. Do you support a call out requesting evaluation of the evidence-based risk management/ cultural improvement interventions that have been implemented? *
3. Do you support the amended definition of Bullying and Harassment to be broader/more inclusive than ‘teaching by intimidation’ to include verbal and physical intimidation as well as unfair teaching practices? *
(optional) Do you have any further comments, queries or concerns regarding the Bullying and Harassment in Medicine Policy?
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4. Given that Australia is the 5th most prosperous OECD country, do you believe there is philosophical/moral obligation that Australia contributes to the development of less fortunate nations? *
5. Do you believe that Australia should increase its foreign aid contributions to be comparable to those of other prosperous OECD countries? *
6. Do you believe the current foreign aid budget (0.21% of Gross National Income as opposed to a previous commitment to a UN goal of 0.7% GNI) should be increased? *
(optional) Do you have any further comments, queries or concerns regarding the Australian Foreign Aid Policy?
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7. Do you believe that the Bonded Medical Places Scheme should continue into the future? *
8. What do you believe is a reasonable Return of Service period? (closest to) *
9. What do you believe to be a reasonable time interval to review the BMP scheme? *
(optional) Do you have any further comments, queries or concerns regarding the Bonded Medical Scheme Policy?
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10. Which term do you think best reflects and encompasses the community in focus; LGBTQIA+ or Queer? *
11. Do you think that the medical curriculum in Australian universities has adequately prepared health professionals with the skills and cultural sensitivity needed in dealing with LGBTQIA+ patients? *
12. Are you aware of the specific health challenges faced by individuals with diverse gender identities/expressions, sexualities/sexual orientations and sexual characteristics? *
13. Do you believe the Australian government should take greater strides in advocating for LGBTQIA+ health? *
14. Are you aware of the Darlington Statement or the Yogyakarta principles and what they stand for? *
(optional) Do you have any further comments, queries or concerns regarding the LGBTQIA+ Health Policy?
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15. Do you believe human rights are adequately protected for all people within Australia? *
16. Did you know that Australia is the only Western Democracy without a Bill of Rights or national Human Rights Act? *
17. Do you believe a Bill of Rights or national Human Rights Act, outlining the rights all those subject to Australia’s jurisdiction are entitled to, would improve human rights protections within Australia? *
18. Do you believe that an individual can have adequate health outcomes without having full enjoyment of their human rights? *
(optional) Do you have any further comments, queries or concerns regarding the Health and Human Rights Policy?
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19. Do you believe that medical faculties should increase their representation of students with disabilities? *
20. Do you support reasonable adjustments being made in order to accommodate students with disabilities? *
21. Do you believe that medical faculties should provide more supports (e.g. student ambassadors and medicine-specific disability support officers) to increase inclusion of medical students with disabilities? *
(optional) Do you have any further comments, queries or concerns regarding the Medical Students with Disabilities Policy?
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22. Given that rural placements often provide more access to patients with a better student to clinician ratio; do you believe all medical schools should provide students, in all year levels, with greater access to rural placements? *
23. Should international students be given access to rural medical placements as part of their curriculum? *
24. Do you think there's a need for universities, governments and rural health clubs to provide more extracurricular rural learning opportunities, and financial and social support for students on rural placements? *
(optional) Do you have any further comments, queries or concerns regarding the Rural Health and medical curriculum Policy?
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