Rainbow Perspectives Supplemental Application
*form updated May 14, 2024*

Application for Rainbow Perspectives Housing Community  

Important note: this is a SUPPLEMENTAL and community-specific application that complements your Rutgers University housing application. Without both components completed, we cannot place you in Rainbow Perspectives.
For more information about the overall housing application process (including information about room changes from somewhere else on campus) please visit ruoncampus.rutgers.edu or call 848-445-0750.

Requests are filled on a first-come, first-serve and space available basis.


Questions or concerns? Email sje@echo.rutgers.edu or call 848-445-4141.



Rainbow Perspectives is a gender-inclusive housing option for students interested in participating in a residential community that affirms the diversity of LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, nonbinary, queer, intersex, asexual, and other queer spectrum) experiences through programs, dialogues, and community projects.

-Any new or continuing undergraduate student
-Graduate students (Buell only)

-New Gibbons (Douglass), new and continuing undergraduates
**NOT ACCEPTING FURTHER APPLICATIONS** -Buell Apartments (Busch), continuing undergrad and grad students
**NOT ACCEPTING FURTHER APPLICATIONS** -Winkler Suites (Busch), continuing undergrad students
**NOT ACCEPTING FURTHER APPLICATIONS** -Newell Apartments (Cook), continuing undergrad students

-LGBTQIA-affirming housing
-Gender inclusive bathrooms
-Peer Mentor (New Gibbons only)
-Open during winter and spring break (except Winkler)

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Chosen / Preferred First Name *
Last Name *
Legal First Name *
RU ID Number *
RU Email *
Phone Number *
Pronouns *
(They/Them, Xe/xem, He/Him, She/Her,  He/They, etc)
Legal Sex *
Gender Identity *
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Intended Year of Graduation *
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Move-In Term (Fall or Spring & Year) *
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Which community would you like to be placed in? *
Please indicate your understanding of the following break housing policies...
Please share your reasons for wanting to join Rainbow Perspectives. In your answer, please include what you believe you could gain from being a member of this community and what you believe you could contribute. A brief 1-2 sentence response is adequate. *
Roommate Request
Students who join Rainbow Perspectives and have not chosen a roommate will be assigned a random roommate (who is also a member of Rainbow Perspectives). Please contact the Center Social Justice Education & LGBT Communities 848-445-4141 or email sje@echo.rutgers.edu with any questions or concerns. 

If you know of someone specifically you would like to live with, please provide their information below.
  • New Gibbons housing community is a traditional-style residence hall with double rooms and a hall bathroom.
  • Buell Apartments housing community are apartments with 4 individual bedrooms and an in-apartment bathroom.
  • Winkler Hall (Busch Suites) have 6 beds: 3 double bedrooms and an in-suite bathroom.
  • Newell Apartments are apartments with 2 large individual bedrooms and an in-apartment bathroom.
If you select a Buell or Newell apartment or Winkler suite but have fewer people than would fill the entire apartment or suite, random Rainbow Perspectives roommates will be assigned to fill the apartment.
Roommate 1's Full Name (1 roommate in New Gibbons OR roommate in Winkler)
Roommate 1's RUID Number (1 roommate in Gibbons or roommate in Winkler)
Housemate 2's Full Name (Buell/Winkler/Newell Only)
Housemate 2's RUID Number (Buell/Winkler/Newell Only)
Housemate 3's Full Name  (Buell/Winkler Only)
Housemate 3's RUID Number  (Buell/Winkler Only)
Housemate 4's Full Name (Winkler Only)
Housemate 4's RUID Number (Winkler Only)
Housemate 5's Full Name (Winkler Only)
Housemate 5's RUID Number (Winkler Only)
For those without a known roommate, do you prefer a roommate of any gender identity, or your own gender identity. *
While the entire Rainbow Perspectives community is gender inclusive, you can submit a request related to a roommate's gender identity.
Additional requests/questions
Do you anticipate needing medical or other specific housing accommodations? If so, please indicate here and we can connect you to Student Support & Housing Accommodations staff within the department of Residence Life. You can also call them directly: 848-932-2713.
Clear selection
If you have an approved accommodation already, please list. (ex. approved emotional support animal; 1st floor room; single room; or similar)
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