Rainbow Perspectives Application (Fall 2018)
Thank you for your interest in Rainbow Perspectives! Rainbow Perspectives is a dynamic housing option for students interested in participating in a residential community that explores the diversity of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Non-Conforming, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, and Ally (LGBTQQIA) experiences through programs, dialogues, and community projects. This section is ideal for students interested in expanding their knowledge of LGBTQQIA experiences and issues.

Rainbow Perspectives encompasses an entire floor equipped with swipe-access gender-neutral bathrooms and two lounges located downstairs. Students in Rainbow Perspectives can select a known roommate of any gender identity, (their roommate must also apply and be accepted into Rainbow Perspectives). Rainbow Perspectives is housed in New Gibbons on Douglass Campus, and is open from September through May (10-month housing). While students are not required to stay on campus during Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Breaks, the option is available at no extra cost to the housing contract.

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Roommate Request
Students who join Rainbow Perspectives and have not chosen a roommate will be assigned a roommate of their gender identity (who is also a member of Rainbow Perspectives). If this raises a concern for you, please contact the Center Social Justice Education & LGBT Communities 848-445-4141 or email sje@echo.rutgers.edu.

If you know of someone specifically you would like to live with, please provide their information below.

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For those without a known roommate, do you prefer a roommate of any gender identity, or your own gender identity. *
While the entire Rainbow Perspectives community is all gender inclusive, you can put in a specific request for your room
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