Survey presented at Criminal Justice Assessment Data Report-Out & Community Meeting
At the May 31, 2018 Data Report-Out and Community Meeting, audience members were polled on what they want from their local justice system and what they’d like the analysis to focus on. This survey is open to all members of our community that were unable to attend the May 31 forum and participate in the instant polling.
What do you think is the most important topic for a more detailed community workshop?
What is included in your vision of an effective criminal justice system for Benton County?
What do you consider important elements of treatment for offenders (if any)?
A work release program is an alternative sentencing option offered by some correctional facilities. The program enables inmates who have demonstrated positive work ethics to work for a private employer in the community. In some programs, they return to the jail in the evening to sleep. They may also return to their private residence – those offenders are typically on electronic monitoring. The program is highly structured, with supervision requirements that help the offender to be successful as he/she attempts to bridge the gap between incarceration and return to society. Do you think Benton County needs a work release center?
Currently, law enforcement and other first responders have only two options for dealing with individuals who are under the influence – jail or the emergency room. Most frequently the choice is to deliver to the emergency room at a hospital which is not designed to be a sobering center. A sobering center provides a safe respite environment for chemically dependent individuals who are waiting to be referred or placed in the identified placement / confinement. It specifically designed and staffed to receive intoxicated individuals. The types of services vary by providers. Generally, it is a supervised, multi-bed, and medically monitored holding area where people found publicly intoxicated can sober up safely. Some centers provide screening for mental illness and co-occurring disorders in addition to information and referrals to treatment. Do you think Benton County needs a sobering center?
Drug courts are designed to guide offenders struggling with substance abuse into treatment with the goal of reducing their drug dependence and improving their quality of life. A team representing the courts, treatment providers, and other support services work with individuals and their families to increase treatment engagement and reduce crime. Benefits to society include substantial reductions in crime, ultimately resulting in reduced costs to taxpayers and increased public safety. Do you think it is important for Benton County to have a drug court program?
Have you toured the jail?
Matrix release refers to the need to release inmates from jail earlier than would otherwise occur due to limited space. This is also referred to as "early release." Are you familiar with the matrix evaluating process used when determining forced releases from the jail?
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