A trip to the seaside
Cross-ERASMUS-project is reaching the end! 45 students and 15 teachers spend together three summer days. We are all meeting to the harbor of Barcelona. On the first day we board two sailing ships, called HAPPINESS and DESTINY for a daily cruise. The first one is sailing to Mallorca and the second one to Corsica. Then we all come back to a beach at Barcelona for the rest of the days. Answer the questions and enjoy the CROSS – contest trip!
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8. A. In which sea will you float better?
8. B. Marco and Luca decide to go fishing and, as they are getting their baits ready, they start debating on which factors make the sea richer in fish. They both identify light penetration and oxygen concentration as fundamental factors for a healthy sea life. On the basis of this consideration, they come to the conclusion that the seas which are richer in fish must be:
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9. A. Summer tan skin caused by synthesis of dark pigment which skin contains is natural protection mechanism of UV radiation. What is the pigment name?
6. The weather has been hot and wet during the day. Such weather conditions are easier to bear:
4. A.The sea water is salty because:
2. Initially, all of the 45 students and 15 teachers were supposed to take part in the daily cruise, so the cost for the tickets was 20 Euros per person. At the last moment, 7 students and 3 teachers decided to stay in Barcelona to attend an educational program in the city aquarium. The travel agency required to be paid as originally agreed. How much will the ticket cost now per person?
4.B. Water is a perfect solvent. What condition is required for a substance to be completely dissolved in water?
3. A part of the route planned for the tour ran alongside the expressway. Coming from the bike route, tourists noticed the following road signs. Which of the signs presented has 4 axes of symmetry?
9.B. The algae can …
5. During a walk on the beach, Andrea remembers that his Physics teacher told him about pressure p as the ratio of the intensity of the force pressing vertically on the surface to the area A of the surface itself. Andrea decides to try a little experiment: he stands on the sandy beach and checks his footprint; he then raises his foot, standing on one leg only. Which footprint goes deeper into the sand?
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10. The last night of the trip we play a Geography game. The winner is this player that can identify the two Mediterranean islands – countries of the European Union. (multiple answer). Answer right the final question and be the winner!
1. The two sailboats leave the port of Barcelona at the same time. HAPPINESS travels east at a speed 6 knots. DESTINY travels south at a speed 5 knots. How far apart (in nautical miles) are they after 2 hours? (1 knot = one nautical mile per hour)
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7. The students find an elastic baloon by the seaside. There are He and SO2 gases in the baloon. If the 40% of a 5 mol gas mixture belongs to He, how much mm-Hg is SO2 partial pressure?
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