DV Exit Questionnaire
Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. It’s important for each subdivision to gauge the level and types of concerns members have regarding the DVLA in order to thoughtfully consider whether to move forward with exit activities. Your responses are appreciated and will help determine next steps.

Your contact information is optional; however if you do not provide it your subdivision contact will not be able to follow up with any additional information specific to your concerns. Your participation and information will only be used to communicate next steps and provide ongoing information related to your subdivision.

For each of the following statements, please rate how much it may affect your decision to exit the DVLA:
You were made aware that no subdivisions had been legally incorporated into the Landowner’s Association except for the Ranches Subdivision *
You were made aware that the DVLA was never granted the power in their founding documents to levy fines for CC&R violations; that the only power they were granted was to sue the member *
You were made aware that the By-laws have never been adopted by a vote of the members, as is required by law *
You were made aware that the current Architectural Guidelines were rejected by a majority vote of the membership, and therefore unenforceable *
You were made aware that in 2013 the members voted to change the quorum requirements using very specific language, but the board recorded a document that gave them the right to change our Articles of Incorporation without a vote of the members *
You were made aware that the Board can’t represent your interests when it comes to water issues, sewer issues and other “political” issues *
You were made aware that the Board has requested an Incorporation study twice in the last 10 years *
You were made aware that exiting the DVLA would exempt you from any lien or other liability for the current lawsuits and all future litigation *
You were made aware that the Developer plans commercial and light manufacturing at the top of the valley and along Sand Cove Rd. *
You were made aware that the new subdivisions have a clause that encourages Incorporation and restricts the right of those residents from protesting or even contesting any commercial development *
You were made aware that the Developer can put in or take out subdivisions from the DVLA and reserves the right to start his own Homeowner’s Association *
You were made aware that the Developer has amended the SITLA offerings and leases to remove trail language, open space requirements and traditional access and uses *
You were made aware that the DVLA is not following accepted bookkeeping practices *
You were made aware that the DVLA isn’t following their own rules and by-laws in many cases *
You were made aware the subdivisions voting to exit can form their own community interest board, including CC&Rs *
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