Philippine Tourism Survey
Mabuhay! We hope you can spare around 10 minutes to answer our survey.

Your answers will help the industry and serve you better once travel restrictions are lifted.Take this survey now and share it with your family and friends so we can help shape the future of the Philippine Tourism Industry together.

- Philippine Department of Tourism, London
Part 1 - Demographics
What is your age? *
Do you feel like you have lower propensity to spend for travel during this pandemic due to possible loss of income and other earning opportunities? *
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
Main airport used when travelling overseas *
What is your occupation? *
What is your highest level of education? *
Part 2 - Travel Behaviour
To be answered only by those who have been to the Philippines.
How often do you travel to the Philippines?
Clear selection
What is the main purpose of your visit to the Philippines?
Clear selection
Who do you travel with?
Clear selection
How long do you buy tickets before travelling?
A year before
Within 1 year
1-3 months prior
1 month before
On the day
Airline Ticket
Ship / Bus
How many people do you travel with?
Clear selection
What is the length of your stay in the Philippines?
Clear selection
How much do you spend on your travel per day excluding airfare?
Clear selection
Which travel do you prefer?
Clear selection
Where do you usually make travel reservations?
Clear selection
How important is each item below when booking a trip?
Not important
A bit important
Somewhat important
Most likely important
Very important
Terms of use
Clear selection
Part 3 - Covid-19 Situation
How concerned are you about the items below when thinking about the current COVID-19 situation? *
Not worried
A little worried
Very worried
Possible infection
Virus infection of family or friends
Plans for the future
Impact on the UK economy
Impact on my job/income/business license
How much do you expect the severity of the COVID-19 situation in the UK to change next month? *
What situations make you feel like you are back to your normal life? *
How much of your annual income has been reduced by COVID-19?
Clear selection
Part 4 - Travel during the Pandemic Period
How soon do you think you will travel now that the travel restrictions are eased?
Within the month
Within 2 to 4 months
Within 6 months
After 1 year
After vaccine development
Domestic Travel
International Travel
Clear selection
How likely are you to travel for the following purposes?
Not likely
Somewhat likely
Most likely
Very likely
Travel / Vacation
Business activities
Visit friends and relatives
Medical and recreation
School / Education
Clear selection
Will COVID-19 change your travel budget?
Clear selection
Now that the travel restrictions are eased, how safe would you feel about doing the following activities?
Not so safe
Likely safe
Very safe
Airline use
Restaurant use
Hotel or resort
Homestay access
Group Tours
Private guided tour
Solo travel / Backpacking
Go to sporting events
Visit indoor attractions
Visit outdoor attractions
Overseas travel
Clear selection
How likely are you to purchase a current travel product or participate in a promotion?
Not likely
Very likely
Clear selection
What activities do you want to participate in now that travel restrictions are eased?
Part 5 - New Standard in Travel
What measures do you think should be taken now that travel is allowed?
How much are you willing to participate in the following travel policies?
No intention to participate
Very willing to participate
Submit medical certificate before travel
Mass testing for Covid-19
Self isolation at home
Government quarantine facilities
Provide accurate travel records
Clear selection
Where do you want to visit in the Philippines if travel restrictions are lifted?
Where are you planning to travel abroad when travel restrictions are fully lifted?
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