Stella's Place Co-Design Expression of Interest
Stella's Place is often looking to have current and potential participants' input when we are working to create or update our mental health programs.  We strongly believe that having the perspective of you - young adults - included in our program development is an essential element to program success.  

If you are interested in sharing your perspective and helping to inform the programs and services that Stella's Place offers, we are asking you to fill out the form below as a way of letting us know that you want to help!  This will help us to understand how you would like to get involved.  After completing this Google Form, you will be added to a contacts list, and Stella's Place staff will reach out to ask for your input and support on various programs, depending on what type of support you've offered to the organization.  

Stella's Place values the contributions that you folks may be willing to offer the organization.  As such, if in the future, you are asked to participate in co-design groups, an honorarium will be provided for your time and contributions.  Similarly, almost all of our survey requests will be noted with a "chance to win" an honorarium as a way of valuing these contributions.  

Please note that your decision to offer these contributions (or not offer them) IN NO WAY affects your current ability to access Stella's Place programs, or your future experience in participating in Stella's Place programs.  As well, if at any point you would no longer like to participate in this capacity, or if you would no like to be invited to participate in this capacity, we will remove your name from the contact list with no questions asked.  
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