How much do you know about how menstruation affects girls around the world?
Which of these countries has pledged to allocate money from their national budget to provide free sanitary pads for girls in schools.
According to UNICEF, what percentage of girls in Africa miss school because of their periods?
How many girls and women worldwide lack adequate facilities for managing their periods?
How many US states consider tampons and pads to be "necessities" that are exempt from sales tax?
Some believe that premenstrual syndrome is a "culture-bound syndrome," meaning women are more likely to experience symptoms if they believe they will. Which of these "culture-bound syndromes" is NOT real?
According to a 2011 study in Uganda, how much higher were attendance rates at schools that provided girls with pads and menstrual hygiene education as compared to schools that did not?
What percentage of female prisoners in NY state report that their supply of menstrual hygiene products is inadequate?
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