First Alliance Church Worship Covenant & Application
The First Alliance Lexington, KY community strives to worship God in a way that is biblical, is centered on Father, Son, & Holy Spirit, is culturally relevant to seekers and believers, is authentic, and invites the manifest presence of God into our midst.

Level of commitment:

Teams rehearse once or twice per month. This enables the team to work ahead on music, solidify a musical and non-musical sense of team, and build creative potential.

The teams function as small communities, and are encouraged to connect outside of rehearsals, at times including families in order to know and grow to love one another deeply.

Up to twice a year, there will be mandatory “worship ministry-wide” workshops or day retreats.

Additionally, we are asking that participants in the worship ministry prepare to serve by:
• Making every effort to attend rehearsals
• Working on the music at home as needed
• Making every effort to engage rehearsals and worship services with a prayerful, ready spirit
• Worshipping God and leading people during corporate worship
• Notifying the team leader(s) about any absences in a timely manner

Dress Code:

Our goal is to present ourselves and dress in a way that is not distracting or immodest (To wear nothing unusual, attention seeking, or worn out, such as ratty jeans or shoes etc., and to wear nothing that is immodest. Ladies, remember that some shorter outfits may become immodest by being worn on a raised platform.

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