UBP Open Shop Compensated Usage Form
The open shop compensated usage program allows individuals in need to receive free used parts and compensated shop time in order to maintain their bicycle. Applicants are allowed to maintain one bicycle through the program. If the bicycle is stolen, missing, or damaged beyond repair there may be a waiting period before a new bicycle can be worked on. The program provides essential parts required for safe operation of the bicycle. Volunteers and staff will choose these parts from UBP’s selection of used parts. UBP will ask participants for a donation of any amount that is meaningful to the applicant.
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Have you received a Free Bike from us as part of the Free Bike Program?
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Last Name
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Street Address
Zip Code
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Are you homeless or living in transitional housing?
Sources Of Income
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Do you participate in any of the following programs?
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Please Estimate Your Annual Household Income
Household Size/Household Annual Income
To be eligible your annual household income must be lower than the listed amount for household size.
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Self-Certification *
Do you certify that your annual gross income is at or below the income listed on this form for households with the same number of people as your household, OR that your household participates in the programs that have been checked on this form?
What forms of transportation do you currently use?
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Do you have children that you would like to be able to participate with you in the Compensated Usage program?
You must accompany and supervise your children the entire time they are in the shop.
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Information about your bicycle - Brand/Make
The compensated usage program is for maintaining one bicycle per applicant.
Serial Number
Serial numbers are usually located under your bottom bracket and are a combination of numbers that sometimes includes letters. Please ask a volunteer for help if you cannot find your serial number.
Type of bike
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Wheel size
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