Participant Survey:Mar 31, 2021 "COVID-19 Vaccine - Myths and Facts / COVID-19ワクチン: 事実と誤解" 参加者アンケート
Thank you for attending the above seminar.
Due to the pandemic still threatening all of our lives, we will be continuing our online services. Please answer the survey for this seminar to share your thoughts, and help us plan this better.

*The responses will be submitted anonymously. If you have any questions that require our reply, please contact us separately. You can also write it in this survey form, as long as you can also share your name and contact information for us to reach out to you.



Momiji Health Care Society / Japanese Social Services
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How did you know about this seminar? どこでこの講座を知りましたか? *
Did you know about Momiji, JSS and Yee Hong?  モミジやJSSの存在を知っていましたか?(Check that all apply 複数回答可) *
How was your experience of using Zoom?  Zoomを使ってのオンライン講座。Zoomはいかがでしたか?(Check that all apply 複数回答可) *
What device did you use? どのデバイスで参加しましたか? *
What did you learn today? 今日学んだことは何でしたか? *
What are the things that you've found interesting/impressive, from today's seminar?  今日の講座で印象に残った・興味深かったことはありますか?
What do you feel about the length (1.5-hour)?  講座の時間(1時間半)はいかがでしたか? *
Rate how satisfied you were with this seminar (1: Very UNsatisfied - 5: Very satisfied). 今回の講座の満足度を教えてください(1:とても不満足、5:とても満足) *
Very UNsatisfied とても不満足
Very satisfied とても満足
Please tell us the reason of your rating above. 上で選んだ番号の理由を、教えてください。
Are you planning to receive a COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available to you? COVID-19ワクチン接種が受けられるようになったら、接種を希望する予定ですか? *
Please tell us the reason(s) of your choice above. 上の回答の理由を、教えてください。
Any other topic(s) you would like us cover in this e-Learning sessions? 他にオンラインで受けてみたい講座があれば、トピックを教えてください。
Any challenge you are facing due to this pandemic? このパンデミックで困っていることはありますか。
Any other comments and suggestions その他、ご意見やご感想など、ご自由にどうぞ。
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