Big Dub Festival 2020 Activity Application
YAY! You thought about doing something cool at Big Dub, and here you are, making it happen! Thank you for your desire to be a part of this event! Community participation is fundamental to the success of our events. We look forward to creating an amazing experience in 2020! The deadline for theme camp and activity submissions is February 1, 2020.

If you are planning on applying to be a theme camp, please keep your description short. We will contact you for more in depth information if we are interested in hosting your camp. Please note that each theme camp is required to do at least 1 activity at their camp.
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If you are hosting a workshop, seminar, or event, include how long it will take, and your desired day and time for hosting it. If you are hosting a theme camp, please convey the basic idea of the camp. We will contact you for more in depth information if we would like to include it.
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