Metaculus AI Application
We are inviting beta users to an AI forecasting platform.

The platform is currently live, and has users including both amateur and superforecasters as well as AI researchers.

In order to join the platform we usually require that you 1) have domain-expertise in AI, or 2) have a forecasting track-record.

To join, please fill in this form and we'll try to get back to you as soon as we can.

For questions, contact Jacob Lagerros or Ben Goldhaber (,
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Examples of domain-expertise: part-time AI researcher at a top-tier university, engineer/researcher at an AI lab, part-time at AI safety/AI policy or effective altruism organisation (e.g. FHI, CSER, CEA, etc.), independent researcher upskilling in a related field.
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Do you have a strong forecasting track-record? *
When possible, **please provide a link to relevant evidence/screenshots**. Examples of evidence of a strong track-record: *Metaculus ranking, *PredictionBook profile, *High score from the OpenPhil calibration app (, *High ranking from one of Barbara Meller's or Phil Tetlock's forecasting tournaments, *Work experience in trading, or similar
If yes, please provide more detail.
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We send this out every 1-2 months to help build common knowledge of forecasting progress; and to announce when we launch new prize initiatives, tournaments, and similar. In doing so we try hard to be mindful of the attention cost to users.
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