SCP-294 Drink Suggestions For SCP: Labrat
FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CLOSELY! 1 wrong thing and the drink may not be accepted by the program. Drinks already in the game will be ignored. You can check which drinks already exist at and using CTRL + f to search for the drink name. If your drink doesn't appear within 10 minutes, you probably did something wrong (try again and pay close attention to the formatting and directions).
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Drink name and its variations (things player can type in to get the same drink). ONLY letters, numbers, spaces, and "-" are allowed. Separate drink name variations by a single "|". Don't put spaces before or after "|". Put the names inside of square brackets as seen in example. Example: [Lava|Magma|Volcano Fluid]                                                                                                                          DONT FORGET TO PUT A "[" AT THE BEGINNING AND A "]" AT THE END *
Color in R,G,B. I recommend searching "hex color picker" on google and using the "Color picker" to get your RGB. Example: 66,135,245  NO SPACES *
Alpha (transparent amount, 0 = invisible)
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Drink glows?
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Drink sound (plays when the player drinks the drink)
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Dispense sound (plays when 294 is dispensing the drink) *
Message (appears in front of player after drinking)
Drink is lethal? (Overrides death timer, instantly kills player on drink)
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Death Timer (Time in seconds after you drink before death, leave blank if not wanted) EX: 7.5
Death message (message that appears on death menu, only appears if the drink is lethal or has a death timer)
Explode (Explodes after dispensing, instantly kills all players)
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Refuse Message (If you want the player NOT to drink it, this is the message that shows when they cant (leave blank if you want them to drink it))
Damage (value from -10 to 10 (10 is an instakill, -10 heals)) ex: 2.5
Blood Loss (Makes player start bleeding) (100 = blood every 10 seconds) ex: 75.5
Stomach Ache (True/False)
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