Robert E. Lee High School 2016-17 Parking Policies and Agreement
Robert E. Lee Parking Policies
• To purchase a permit, student must bring a current/valid driver’s license, proof of liability insurance, vehicle license plate number and $20 cash. Checks and credit cards are not accepted.

• All motor driven vehicles must display a current Robert E. Lee parking permit while parked on the campus. Students are not allowed to give their parking permit to other students. If your permit is lost or stolen, it must be reported and replaced at the student’s expense.

• Students will not remain in their vehicles for any reason after they have parked.

• Students are not to return to the vehicle unless they are leaving the campus. Vehicles are not to be used as lockers and you may not relocate parking spaces during the school day.

• The speed limit in all parking lots is 10 miles per hour.

• All vehicles must stop or check in with parking personnel when leaving or entering the campus during the school day.

• All vehicles must stop and identify yourself when requested by parking personnel or any campus personnel.

• I understand that the school has a closed lunch policy and that I am not to leave the campus or transport another student from the campus unless I have properly checked out with my attendance office and obtained a slip to do so.

• I understand that the school district has the right to search my vehicle if there is reasonable cause to believe it contains articles or materials prohibited by the district. Illegal contraband found in student’s vehicles is subject to automatic suspension of parking privileges.

• Tyler Independent School District is not responsible for property damage or theft from any vehicle parked on the school campus.

• Vehicles illegally parked or vehicles parked without a permit showing WILL BE BOOTED.

o First Violation $20.00 to remove boot
o Second Violation $30.00 to remove boot
o Third Violation Vehicle will be towed at owner’s expense

Robert E. Lee High School Parking Agreement
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