Venue Booking Form (2019)
International Medical University

How to book a venue for Extra-curricular activities in IMU?
Step 1 :
Provide a proposal for the event to Student Services Hub (Necessary for all events except minor routine events such as welcome party, AGM or yoga classes)

Step 2 :
Check the venue availability from for Teaching & Learning rooms OR
E-learn portal for Atrium, Driveway, Outside Library , and Open areas outside 4th floor

However, we cannot guarantee that an available venue will be booked for your event as we will need to accommodate to university events as well.

Step 3 :
Fill up this venue request form. Make sure to fill a separate form for each venue.

Step 4 :
SSH will email the Venue Requisition once we have processed your request. (3 to 5 working days)

Step 5 :
Print the Venue Requisition and fill up relevant info

Step 6 :
Kindly bring the printed Venue Requisition to FMA and get FMA's approval. This is compulsory for ALL bookings.

Step 7 :
If you require IT equipment , please bring the Venue Requisition to IT Department for their approval.

Step 8 :
Once FMA and/or IT approve , please meet the ECA Executive @ SSH for booking approval.

Step 9 :
Your venue booking is now confirmed. If steps 5 - 8 are not done, your booking will be cancelled and the IMU Security Officers have the rights to prevent your club/society from using the venue.

Step 10 :
Once the event is over, please submit the ECA report through the E-Learning Portal (E-Learning Portal > Student > Extra Curricular Activities > ECA Report Form).
Clubs/Societies/School Events that do not submit the report within 5 working days will be barred from booking any venues in the future.

Please Take Note
1. All venue booking requests must be submitted by the following deadline

Major External Event (Involving Non-IMU students/staff) (Eg: IMU Surgical Conference )
2 months before event date

Major Internal Event ( Eg IMU Cup )
1 month before event date

Minor Events (Eg Welcome party, yoga classes)
2 weeks before event date

Requests that do not fulfill the deadline will not be processed. Therefore early planning is required.

2. Event organisers are responsible for the cleanliness and expected to ensure the venue physical arrangement are back to the original setting.

3. No food is allowed into the classrooms, lecture theaters, and auditorium. If the event is serving food or beverages, kindly serve it outside the classrooms at the open areas. (Booking of open area is required)

4. Please send separate forms for each venue to ease the processing.

5. If you would like to make cancellation of booking, please email the date and name of the event that you wish to cancel to

6. No audio will be allowed for venues at the Atrium, all open areas on the 4th floor and Driveway on weekdays from 8am – 5.30pm. At the Driveway, audio is allowed only from 12pm – 2pm on weekdays. You are allowed to have your audio after the above said hours and during weekends.

7. Decorations/banners are allowed. However, if the decorations/banners reached a height of 6 feet(180cm) and above, kindly proceed to Student Services Hub (SSH) for further advice.

8. Guidelines on selling food at IMU Building :-

- Areas that have been designated for fundraising are 3rd floor outside library, outside MMS, atrium and driveway. NO fundraising are to be conducted at any other areas other than the designated ones.

- One student body/club can only use ONE table (5 feet table) at a time for fundraising purposes.

- Please be advised that NO electrical appliances are to be used inside the building for cooking.

- Only pre-packed food are allowed to be sold at the area outside of library and atrium.

- Examples of pre-packed food are pizza, lunch box, nuggets, donuts and etc

- ONLY dry food without any beverages are allowed to be sold at the area outside of MMS as the area is carpeted.

- NO COOKING is allowed inside the building. All cooking / food preparation CAN only be done at the driveway using only electrical appliances.

- However, food cooked at the driveway can also be sold at the area outside of library and atrium provided there is no reheating of food being done inside IMU.

- Usage of gas cylinder tong, portable gas canister or any form of open fire for cooking purposes is strictly prohibited in the premises of IMU. Only cooking using electrical appliances is allowed.

- Any bookings made consecutively for 2 weeks and above would need to be discussed with Student Services Hub.

- Food safety is important. Please maintain food cleanliness at all times especially during preparing and fundraising. Ingredients used should be within their shelf life period.

- RM50 penalty would be enforced if you ever disobey any of the above guidelines.

Rules of Cooking in the Driveway
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