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Agistment facilities are available on a short or long term basis at Euroa Horse Park Pty Ltd (PIC No, 3 SBLS 488), please let us know how we can help you best.
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Help during my stay (Price TBA-To Be Advised: depending on season & availability) inc GST
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I, the above named person, am the legal owner / lessor of the above name horse; I provide the above information as true and correct; that my horse is in a sound, healthy condition and free from vices, disease and infection; I am over 18 years of age: I have read and agree to the Euroa Horse Park Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions on 'The Rules' page of the website - *
I understand that payment is invoiced per calendar month and due in advance. I agree to pay 10% interest on any outstanding accounts. *
If you plan to be riding your horse on the property, then you need to complete the Visitor Sheet and Disclaimer. The link is on the website - *
Thank you. We look forward to having you and your horse stay with us.
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