Mentee Application
Policy for admissions:

The TMP Mentoring Program seeks to select a diverse group of female sailors who are wanting to progress their sailing to the top of their game.

There are no tuition fees for programme participation although mentees are responsible for any associated costs they may incur (phone, travel, etc.). You can apply to be both a mentor and a mentee.

Eligibility criteria:

The TMP Mentoring Program Selection Committee will choose mentees using the following guidelines:
• Demonstrated passion and commitment to the sport
• Current and potential sailing achievements
• Strength of character, motivation and commitment to goals.
• Intention to participate fully in the TMP Mentoring Programme, as well as a commitment to promoting the experience.
• Candidates are judged, in part, on their ability to leverage and maximize the mentorship programme over time. Short-term and long-term goals will be taken into consideration.
• Applicants must have English proficiency. Mentor/mentee matches will accommodate language preferences, where possible.

Application Process:

Please submit application forms by the 16th September either online or to Pairs matching will take place in September and October. Applications are required in English and must be complete.

The mentoring scheme 2018 is a pilot scheme and we are only able to place a limited number of applicants. Success will depend upon a clear and complete form, demonstrable commitment and an available mentor match. It is a competitive selection and you will be notified of the outcome. Successful applicants may be publicised (name, photo, nationality) in our social media and our website. Successful applicants will be required to complete as a minimum a mid and end of programme survey. Support will be available to you during the programme. Other opportunities may be made available to you.

It may be helpful to type the answers into a saved document/note before completing the form incase of any problems.

Email address *
Name *
Location: (city/town & country) *
This helps us allocate mentors near you where possible.
Age *
Please note the programme is available only to those who are aged 18 or over at submission.
Nationality *
Occupation: *
Languages spoken: *
Sailing Background: *
Please describe your sailing background and key milestones.
Work/Employment Background
Please use this to include any work outside of the sailing not listed above. Including work experience, other employment.
Educational/Academic Background *
It is not a requirement to have certain qualifications nor is it part of the selection but an understanding of academic qualifications/subjects studied is useful in the pairing process.
Relevant Qualifications
Please include any other sailing, racing, coaching or relevant professional qualifications:
Awards and Achievements
Please use this space to include any awards or accolades (in sailing and outside of)
Bio *
Please include a short biography of yourself that we may use on social media/our website if you are sucesfull.
Please upload a photograph of yourself
If you are sucesful we may use this photo of yourself in our web/social media. It will not form part of the selection process. Please submit a profile style headshot, preferably without branding.
Please select which strand of the programme you wish to enrol on to. *
Please select the one that is closest to your sailing aims and goals.
What or who has been the most significant influences on who you are today? *
To help us select the best mentor for your present situation, please list your goals for the mentorship and challenges you would like to address: *
The more detail you can provided the better.
What kind of person is your ideal mentor and what do you expect from your mentor? *
Please list all of the qualities and characteristics your ideal mentor would possess to help you reach your goals. What kind of personal and professional experience would they have? Think also in terms of background, age, and cultural similarities and differences. Please evaluate and prioritise your preferences. Please also note any preferences you may have regarding your mentor, including but not limited to: geographic location, industry or sector leadership, profession, or areas of expertise.
Do you have any other comments to add to this application?
Please note that questions can be directed to
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