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Do you feel bored, anxious or irritated when you are trying to stop playing or when you're being forced to stop playing? *
Do you feel that you SHOULD play less, but you struggle to cut back on gaming time? *
Have you replaced any other hobbies like sports or music with more gaming time? *
Do you keep playing even though you realize there are consequences to your gaming? (such as getting less sleep, not submitting all your work or fighting with your parents) *
Have you ever lied to your parents about gaming or tried to make it seem like you game less than you actually do? *
Do you play games to avoid a bad mood or annoying stuff happening in your real life? *
Have you ever risked getting bad grades or losing other opportunities because of gaming? *
In a week, do you play: *
How long is each gaming session? *
Do you play every day? *
If you didn't have rules around gaming time, would you play significantly more if those rules disappeared? *
Gaming and general screen time with YouTube or Social media are different... But how much time do you spend on YouTube and social media each week? *
Would you say that you are motivated largely by getting good at your games? *
I just like to have fun
I need to dominate
Would you say that you are motivated largely by exploring open worlds and making your own choices in your games? *
Not so much
Would you say that you are motivated largely by playing games with your friends? *
I don't need to play with friends
I only play with my friends
How do you rate your self-regulation? (your ability to stop gaming when you should without anyone telling you to stop, or start something you should without anyone telling you to start.) *
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Very High
How do you rate your concentration / attention skills *
Very Low
Very High
How concerned are you about violent content in video games? *
Very Low
Very High
How concerned are you about content in video games other than violence? *
Very Low
Very High
If you had to explain why you play video games in a couple of sentences, you would say: *
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In the first 9 questions, you were asked to say YES or NO.

1-2 YES's only shows a mild negative impact of gaming on your life.
3-5 YES's shows a moderate negative impact.
6-9 YES's shows a severe impact.

If you are moderate or severe, it's probably worth at least having a chat about your gaming. Nobody should be telling you that the games themselves are bad though. We both know most games are awesome.

The average number of hours playing games from 12-25 years old is just over 18 hours a week.
If you are interested in improving your skills AND your fun levels but keeping closer to the average number of hours, Check out the Intelligent Gaming Series found here:

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