Cru Servant Team Application-
We’re so glad you want to help out with Cru at UC Davis. We are excited to see what God does in and through you as you help students find and follow Jesus. We would love to sit down and talk to you about how you've been doing with God, with Cru and what you'd like to do in leadership. These are the questions we'll talk about, so look through them. You could even write things down and turn it in if you want.

Note: This form does not save! If you think you'll need to work on this and come back to it later, you may want to write your answers in a separate doc that you can save, then copy and paste them into this when you're done. It should also not take more than 30-45 minutes

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What has God been teaching you lately? How has He been working in your life? *
Briefly describe the mission and purpose of Cru. *
Describe (using Bible verses), how someone becomes a Christian. *
Tell a story of how you’ve had a spiritual/evangelistic conversation with someone during the last six months. Have you used any particular tools? *
Do you have any training in how to share the gospel with someone? Tell us about it. *
Are you attending a Cru small group? Which one? How often (sometimes...almost always)? If not, tell us why you haven't been able. *
Are you currently discipled (mentored) regularly by a student leader or Cru staff person? *
If so, who are you discipled by?
What local church do you consistently attend, if any? *
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