2020 DEVYL Club Adult Winter League Sign Ups
This form is used for the sign up for 2020 DEVYL Club Adult Winter League taking place at the Metuchen Sportsplex in Metuchen, NJ.

** Currently wait listing male players.
You can jump to top of wait list if you bring a NEW female player to the league!
Contact rbelline@devylultimate.org if that is possible
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USA Ultimate ID *
You must have a USA Ultimate ID Number. You can create one at https://play.usaultimate.org/members/login/ Do not pay for a full membership until after 12/1/19 otherwise it will count for the wrong year. However, you can still setup an account for free (and accept the waiver)!
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Height *
In ft'in" format. For example if you are 5ft and 10 in, then you will write 5'10"
Years Experience *
How many years have you been playing organized Ultimate?
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What youth, college, club, or league teams have you played on?
Jersey Size *
Spin Ultimate Sizing
Age *
We prefer no baggage, but we will try our best to have you and one mutual baggage request to be on same team if possible. Note that all 4 teams always play at the same time so you can carpool with anyone regardless of if they are on your team or not! Baggage request NOT guaranteed
Schedule Info
Anything we need to know regarding your schedule? Are there particular days on the schedule you can't attend?
Other Info
Anything else we need to know? Medical Information, etc?
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