Extracurricular - Term 2 2017
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Extracurricular Information for Parents:
Please read all information carefully and take care to ensure the activity is correct for your child.
You will receive an automatically generated message confirming our receipt of your child's requests. If you do not hear anything further from us assume your child can commence these activities.
Please ensure your child comes to school prepared for their activity and remind him/her of what they will be doing after school. Extracurricular activity commences at 3.10 and finishes at 4.10. It is advisable that you include a simple afternoon snack for your child/children.

Students from Transition to Grade 2 will be escorted to the activity by the classroom teacher assistant.

Students may sign up for three activities each week, as well as movie club for primary students. This is in addition to any remedial classes which your teacher may recommend your child attend.

Extracurricular activities will commence week 1, Tuesday, April 11th. Children may withdraw from an activity but not change up until Friday of week 4. It is essential that you request any changes by email or text message to Ms Yolanda at ydeassis@distimor.org or 7829 4303. Please advise the class teacher of any changes in the Keeping in Touch (KIT) book or for secondary students in the student diary. Please also remember to make changes with the bus service direct if necessary.

Children will be collected from outside the assembly room (MPR) if they are not using the bus service. Please ensure you are on time to collect your child as staff need to move on to other duties. Repeated late pick-up's may result in your child’s enrolment being cancelled. It is our duty of care to manage all students whilst on school premises; however, if your child is not participating in an extracurricular activity please ensure they are collected at 3:10. To prevent increased numbers of students waiting around on school premises and to better monitor those enrolled in after school care, we encourage that all siblings either be enrolled in activities on the same day or alternate pick up arrangements be made.

Payment for fee paying activities must be made in full for the full term by week 4 which is the 'cut-off' for changing an activity. After this date, only withdrawal is possible and there can be no refund of fees.

In the event of an accident the same procedures will be followed as per the school day (see DIS Family Information Booklet www.distimor.org).

Submission of this enrolment form will indicate your acceptance of the Dili International School rules relating to extracurricular activity as well as acceptance of the following indemnity.

Whilst all care is taken in conducting our extracurricular program, DIS owners/school management/teachers/teacher assistants and non-school activity providers will not be held financially liable for an injury occurring to your child.

As a general rule we do not cancel activities. If the teacher is sick or unable to attend, we will endeavour to find a replacement. If this is not possible, primary grade children will be placed in another activity or we will contact you to make alternate arrangements.

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