PSF Client Testimonial
We are so proud of all of our clients and love hearing your stories! We would love to share your favorite and best PSF moments with everyone to display how hard work really pays off!

Please fill out this form to be entered into our PSF Client Testimonial Contest. Chosen entries will win a FREE 30-DAY PASS and be the face of PSF success for one month. Your testimonial will be featured in the studio, on our website, and social media.

We welcome new testimonials at any time...once you have filled out this form - you will be eligible to win!

If you have any questions, please let us know. We are so excited to brag about all of you!
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(Heather's pre-PSF classes, Star Bright sessions, the original studio, just started? Let us know how long you've been sculpting!)
How many classes did you START out taking? Which ones? What kept you coming back?
What was the first noticeable change you found in yourself after starting at PSF? When did you feel it?
Let us know how you measure your success!
How has coming to PSF improved your quality of life (more energy, more alert, can do more with family, etc.)?
How has the community at PSF made your journey more enjoyable?
When you started at PSF, what is the one thing you thought you'd never be able to do that you can do now (in the studio or in your daily life)?
How many classes do you take per week NOW? What classes have you added to your rotation?
What is your favorite and why?
What is one thing about yourself and/or your experience at PSF that you could share to advise & inspire someone else to make the commitment?
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