An Open Letter of Repentance to the United Methodists of the South Carolina Annual Conference
We, the undersigned clergy and laity of the South Carolina conference of the United Methodist Church, offer this letter of repentance. At the 2019 called General Conference, the members of the body voted to uphold and reinforce language in our Book of Discipline that rejects LGBTQ+ persons’ inherent worth and their full inclusion into the life of the United Methodist Church. John Wesley, a founder of the Methodist movement, denotes three simple rules of Christian life: do no harm; do all the good you can; attend to the ordinances of God. As heirs of these rules (BOD par. 104), we United Methodists have failed to uphold them in our polity and practice and in our relationships with our LGBTQ+ siblings. We repent of our sin, recognizing that repentance involves both a request for forgiveness and a commitment to change.

Therefore, we ask forgiveness for:
1. Failing to do no harm. We have maintained a tradition of neglecting and oppressing LGBTQ+ persons in the life of our denomination. We have made issues out of persons. We have perpetuated lies--whether actively or passively--that LGBTQ+ persons are not imago Dei inherently worthy of God’s love (Gen 1:26).

2. Failing to do all the good we can. We have failed to celebrate and bless the covenant of love found in the Christian marriage of two persons, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, that reflects God’s love for God’s children (1 John 4:7-12). We have failed to affirm God’s callings for LGBTQ+ individuals, particularly when God calls a person into ordained leadership (1 Cor 12:25-27).

3. Failing to attend to the ordinances of God. We have not lived into the greatest commandment to love God with our whole beings and to love our neighbors as ourselves (Luke 10:27).

Therefore, we commit ourselves to:
1. Vote for delegates for General Conference 2020 who will support the needs of LGBTQ+ persons and advocate for a fully inclusive United Methodist Church.

2. Encourage LGBTQ+ leadership in all levels of our connection, including local churches, districts, and annual conferences.

3. Speak, with words and actions, against hatred and for full inclusion.

4. Practice and model God’s love for all people, including listening to and learning from our LGBTQ+ siblings.

5. Repent continually of sins against our LGBTQ+ siblings and seek how discrimination against LGBTQ+ persons intersects with the sins of racism, ableism, ageism, colonialism, and antifeminism.

6. End the years of exclusion, hurt, and pain caused by the UMC against its own members, which have caused many to leave our church and have caused some to take their lives.

Therefore we call upon:
1. Our conference's Board of Ordained Ministry to do no harm in examining and lifting up candidates for ordination, regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation.

2. Our SC congregations to do good by welcoming fully into the church our beloved LGBTQ+ siblings, including into church leadership and employment.

3. Our clergy to seek justice for all persons in the ordinances of the church, including the celebration of Christian marriage.

4. Our Annual and General Conferences to enact such legislation as to embody the diversity we see already in our pews and embrace a church that reflects the wide traditions and cultures that make up the connection we love.

We hold to John Wesley’s hope for a church that loves alike, even when it does not always think alike. We believe that such a church is only possible when all of God’s children are given seats at the table. We strive to live into Wesley’s Three Simple Rules as we welcome the necessary presence and active participation of LGBTQ+ persons in the Body of Christ. We continue to work and pray to advance such a movement of the Holy Spirit within the United Methodist Church.


Rev. Adrienne Fink
Rev. Jim Morgan
Dr. James C. Lane, Washington Street UMC
Rev. Kathryn Hunter
Rev. Dr Christopher Greene, Pastor, Shiloh UMC, Gilbert, SC
Rev. Jo Anna Fallaw, Wayne UMC, Georgetown
Rev. Elizabeth Murray
Stanton M. Adams, Two Rivers Church
Rev. Wendy Hudson-Jacoby, Two Rivers Church
Heather Connor, LUMC
Lydia Pontius Two Rivers church
Marc Penna
Greta Bridges, Centenary UMC
Marla Fuller
Lydia Weekley, Two Rivers Church
Louise Monteith, Two Rivers Church, Charleston
Brittany Gooding, Two Rivers Church, Charleston, SC
Ashley Blanchard, Two Rivers Church
Brandi Sellers, Two Rivers Church
Erika Penna
Rebecca Phelps
Cassie Sartin, Two Rivers Church
Leslie Hall, Two Rivers Church
Rev Andy Jones
Rev. Karen Jones
Kat Martin, Two Rivers Church
Rick Sestile
Christina Dominy
Jennifer Cammann, Lexington United Methodist Church
Sarah Murphy, Two Rivers Church
Rev. Arthur H. Holt
Rev Dr Jim Hunter
Rev Kathy Hudson
Rev. Kathy Bostrom
Mrs. Jane Westcott, Clemson United Methodist Church
Charles Monteith, Two Rivers Church, Charleston SC
Melissa Huff, Two Rivers Church
Becky Morgan
Nathaniel T. McMaster, First Winnsboro
Laura Lander, Main Street UMC, Columbia
Jodi Penna
Re. James Tuell
H. B. Eleazer, Jr.
Mackin Wall
Carol Fowler, Washington Street UMC
Don Fowler, Washington Street UMC
Ashley Evans, Lexington United Methodist Church
Nancy Whittle
Rev. Thomas C. Byrd
Sam Waldrep, Washington Street UMC
Rev. Dr. A. V. Huff, Jr.
Kate T. Huff
Anne Marie Hendrix
Cindy Cox
Rev. F. J. (Eric) Shepard
Kimberly McAlister, Washington St. UMC
Eva L. Nance, Washington St. UMC
Richard Gardner, Lexington United Methodist Church
Janet Lawrence, lay delegate and past Chair of General Social Concerns, WNCC UMC
Christopher J. Ward
Rev. Dr. Karin Bascom Culp, retired
Rev. Tom Pietila
Cheri Hester, Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church, Savannah, GA
Linda Vaughan
Rev. Frances S. Connell
Katherine Barwick, Two Rivers Church, Charleston
Fran H. Zupan, Washington Street UMC, Columbia
Rev. Dr. Robert Walker, Main St. & Greene St. UMCs, Columbia
Rev. G. Lee Cole, Jr., Pastor, Grace UMC and Pelzer UMC
Ellen Younker
Tim and Mary Rogers, LUMC
Micah Gary-Fryer
Sarah Fitzellen, North Charleston UMC
Gale Ashmore, Clemson UMC
Rev. Clayton Childers
Bob Brookover, Clemson UMC
Mrs. Deborah Rowe
Michael Clancy, lay delegate, First UMC Lancaster
Lexie Charham, Mt. Hebron UMC, West Columbia
Rev. Patricia J. Parrish, Washington Street
Rev. Lara Byrd
Dr. Pamela Riggs-Gelasco, NCUMC
Kathryn Caruso
Nichole Myles
Rev. Evelyn C. Middleton
Lill Mood, Chapin UMC
Ashley and Emily Brown, WSUMC
Terry Wilson, Two Rivers Church
Janet Isaac, Buncombe St. UMC
Cathy Keaton, lay leader
Lyndsey Medford, Director of Discipleship, Two Rivers Church
Wendy Hahne, LUMC
Pam Thesing, Hibben UMC
Paula Walters, Washington St. UMC, Columbia SC
Rev. Judy King, Washington St. UMC, Columbia SC
Rev. Bruce Sayre
Jim Canup, layperson
Joan and Dan McPherson, Central UMC
Mr. Richard K. Rowe
Mary Holley, Saint Mark
The Rev. Wiley Cooper
Lindy Pietila
Rev. Dr. Michael L. Vandiver (Retired)
Suzanne Joye
Jessica Bartley, laity, Shandon UMC
Martha Tinder, member, Central United Church, Spartanburg
Karen Ayers, Church of the Palms
Hilary W Mullins, St. John's Rock Hill
Rev. Sandra Smith King
Jo Ellen Carroll, member of Central U. Methodist Church
Rev. Megan Gray
C. L. ("Ab") Abercrombie, John Wesley UMC (Charleston) and Department of Ag, Africa University
Charles A. Garren, Washington Street UMC
James T. Webber, Washington Street UMC
Dr. Tommie C Toner, Trenholm Road UMC, Columbia
Lillian Atkins, Swansea UMC
M. Malissa Burnette, Esq., WSUMC
Rev. Dr. Noble Miller, retired
Jenny Dalrymple, WSUMC
Eileen Ferrick
Kinsey Jenkins, Ashland United Methodist Church
Doreen Jenkins, Ashland United Methodist Church
Carol Wilson
Ruthanne Hughes, Shandon UMC Columbia
Ashley Keller
Michele Blanch-Barr, College Place UMC
Rev. Dr. Thomas A. Summers
Sue Dillon
Drucilla Brookshire, TRUMC
Rev Joe Cal Watson, retired
Rev. Jonathan Harris
Paige Lowe
Tiffany Beverly, Shandon United Methodist Church
Rev. Dr. Sam George
Judith Ogden
Rebecca Phifer
Susan Mathews, Washington St UMC
Dr. Johannah Myers
Vicki McCartha, Inman UMC
Dr. John Dickey Evans
Ed McClain, Washington Street UMC, Columbia
Robert S. Lane
Faith Holley
Michael Vaughan NCUMC
Sara Nalley, Shandon United Methodist Church
Rev. Taylor Pafford, Washington St. UMC
Mary Ann Fox, Saint Mark UMC, Seneca
Jessica McDowell, Aldersgate UMC, Greenville
Phyllis E. Morgan
Rev. Dr. Steven D. Morgan
Harry Glover
Lauren Robbins, Lexington UMC, SC
Lauren Allred, Aldersgate UMC, Greenville
Rev. Diane A. Moseley
Kathie Brabham, St. John’s UMC, Rock Hill
Chip Robbins, LUMC
Nancy Angster
Rev. Dr. Lyn Pace
Rebecca Hazelwood, St Mark UMC
Susan R Luthren, Washington Street UMC
Susan Lander LeBase
Beverly McClanahan, Washington St. UMC
Cecil and Susan Turner, St. Mark UMC, Seneca
Paul McClanahan, Washington St. UMC
Susan Baxter - FUMC Myrtle Beach
Barbara Brooks, retired deaconess, First UMC, Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Logan Humphries Bagley, Aldersgate UMC, Greenville
Sydney Proffitt
Jane Harlin, Saint Mark UMC
Anne Walker, TUMC
Rev. John Evatt, honorable location, Saint Mark UMC, Seneca, SC
Rev John Culp
The Reverend Toni L. White
Janet Wilson, lay delegate, Central UMC Spartanburg
Jane Abrams, Waters Edge UMC, Beaufort
Karen King, Hibben UMC, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Martha Alewine
Lynn B. Harris
Andy Crosland, Central, Spartanburg
Les Howard MD
Rev. Elizabeth A. Thompson
Rev. James Ellis Griffeth, retired
Elaine Crosland, Central United Methodist Church, Spartanburg, SC
Claire Manning
Bill McCartha, laity, Inman UMC
Andrea McAtee, Washington Street UMC
Judy Coble
Ginny Argue
Catherine Inabnit, member, Central UMC Spartanburg
Cheryl Cheatham, Northeast UMC, Columbia
Nonie Hudnall, Central UMC, Spartanburg
Dr. Christine Hait
Chrisie Reeves-Pendergrass
Dr. Michael C. Broome, Washington Street UMC
Charlotte S. Broome, Washington Street UMC
Jack Lawrence, Central UMC
Rev. John Jordan
Alicia W.Spivey, St. Mark UMC
Anita Bearden, Saint Mark UMC
Rev. Leonard C Ripley, III, Ravenel UMC
Rev. Dr. Vivia Fowler
John W. Simmons, member, Central UMC Spartanburg
Ashli Aslin
Deryl and Carolyn Keese, St Mark UMC, Seneca
Robin Robb, Disciples UMC, Greenville
Patsy Harris CUMC
Denise Cutchins, NCUMC
Dody Phillips, Central United Methodist Church
Carolyn Ellenburg, St. Mark UMC, Seneca
Linda Salane
Anne Millford Cooper
Robert Jay Cooper
Katie Reams, NCUMC
David and Dee Bolinger, Inman UMC
W. Conard “Bud” Search, delegate to SC Annual Conference, St. Mark United Methodist Church, Greenwood
Allie Daniel, North Charleston UMC
Rev. Kathy P Hudson, Harris UMC, Greenwood
Rev. Carol Rexroad Cannon, St. Andrew's UMC, Orangeburg
Rev. Robert T. Cannon, St. Andrew's UMC, Orangeburg
Rev. Carly Wicklund
Patricio Aravena, Washington Street UMC
The Rev. Dr. Jennifer Copeland
Julian Ruffin, Washington Street UMC
Clark Wicklund, Woodland UMC
Rev. Miriam Mick
Charles E Stavely, Jr.
Benita D Stavely
Bruce W. Schug, Aldersgate UMC, Greenville
Michael R. Johnson, Central United Methodist
Rev. Nicole Houston, Two Rivers Church
Doris Y Greene
Amy Lee Lockhart, Shandon UMC
Kathie Schug, Aldersgate UMC, Greenville
Ronda Myers
James Myers
Jennifer Cutchins-Nimocks, NCUMC
Christopher Nimocks, NCUMC
Rev. Frank J. Griffith
Jo M. Griffith
Rev. Brandon Lazarus
Mona Fleming, Saint Mark United Methodist Church, Seneca
Prudence Youngblood, member, New Hope UMC, Jonesville, SC
David A. Lyon, St. John's, Rock Hill
Chris Ness, Trinity UMC, Bamberg
Marcia Lane, WSUMC
Dr. Frank B. Raymond
Dr. Gail I. Raymond
Sally Widener, Clemson UMC
Rev. Deb Luther Teagan
Ellen D. McAnnar, NCUMC
Joan Frontroth, laity
Nell Hodge
Sonia Phillips, St. Mark United Methodist Church
Sarah Bridges, Salem United Methodist Church
Diane K. Welsh
Dr and Mrs William Hazelwood, Central UMC, Florence, SC
Jan M. Baker, WSUMC
Donna Pratt Barksdale
Thuy Patterson
Steven Burritt
Dr. Phillip Stone, lay member, Bethel UMC, Spartanburg
Rev. Luther H. Rickenbaker, III (Retired)
Sarah Gaddy-Williamson, Belin UMC, Murells Inlet
June Sereque, CUMC Spartanburg
Lyn Sheffield, Clemson United Methodist Church
W. James Long, Advent UMC
Ray A Lightfoot, member, St Mark, Seneca
Carolyn Hellams, Union UMC, Irmo
Rev. Meghan Lindsey Sweeney Cook, MDiv, MACE
Bruce C. Coull, Ph.D, Shandon United Methodiist Church, Columbia
Eric Grace, Osceola UMC, Lancaster, SC
Karen Suarez, St. Mark, Seneca
Mario Suarez, Seneca, SC
Dan Maultsby
Mary Wilson, Socastee UMC, Myrtle Beach
Melissa Davis Mandell, Waters Edge UMC
Pat Patterson, Central UMC
Rev. Dr. Cyndi Alte, Socastee UMC
Carolyn Cole, Church of the Palms UMC, Okatie
Rev. Emily Scales Sutton, Bethel/Philadelphia UMC
Rev. Sharon Long, Mill Creek/McLeod, Columbia SC
Lessie Polk, Lexington United Methodist Church
Jonathan Edwards, Shandon UMC, Columbia
Mrs. Susan B . Stepp
Nan C Gray, Union UMC, Irmo
Joseph Taylor, Water's Edge Church
Rev. Meg Hughey Wilkes
Rev. Mitch Kyllonen, Central, Spartanburg Charge Conference
Dwight F. Patterson, Central UMC, Spartanburg
Rev. Gloria Jeanne Porter Ashley
Courtney Hudson, Cayce UMC
Mary C. McCormac, Clemson UMC
Mary Alice Coker, Cayce United Methodist
Cathy Coker, Cayce United Methodist
Sabrina Coker, Cayce United Methodist
Tina Cargill
Douglas C Brown, member, SUMC, Columbia, SC
Sue Gover, Clover FUMC
Jim Gover, Clover FUMC
Linda Herring, St. John's UMC, Rock Hill
Maggie Amrhein
L. Marinn Pierce, St. John's UMC, Rock Hill, SC
Tom Brackett, St. Mark UMC, Seneca, S.C.
Angie Padgett, Cayce United Methodist Church
Rev. Dr. John Miller, retired
Bill Farrar, Waters Edge UMC, Beaufort
Jeannine Miller Dameworth, Waters Edge UMC
Mike Polson, St. John's UMC, Anderson, SC
Gary D. Summers, Suber Marshall UMC, Columbia
Ida Newsom, member of St. John's UMC, Rock Hill
Sherilyn Brewer, Aldersgate UMC, Rock Hill
Martha Ball, St. Mark UMC, Greenwood
Matthew Bridges, Cayce UMC, SPRC Chair
Catherine Dowdy, Mt. Hebron UMC, West Columbia
Diane Schwarzer, Waters Edge UMC
Benjamin B Barnes, Jr., Waters Edge UMC
Victor Schwarzer, Waters Edge UMC
Dena Long, Advent UMC
Blake Brookshire, St. Matthew UMC
Mary Beth Batson
Travis and Jonathan Testwr, Columbia
Amanda Griffeth
Rev. Larry Hays, Mt. Hebron
Susan Wright, Union UMC Irmo
Sabrina Williams, Cayce United Methodist Church
Dick Ellenburg, lay leader, Saint Mark UMC
Cindy Sauer, St. Mark UMC, Seneca
Sarah Crockford, St. John’s Rock Hill
W. Lynn Shirley, Washington St. UMC, Columbia
Emily Bell, St. John’s UMC
Evan Goetz, St. John’s UMC, Rock Hill
Elise Hurst, St. John's UMC, Rock Hill
Lauren Hays Haigler, Union UMC, Irmo
Rev Richard C Jayroe
Jeff Black, MD, Waters Edge UMC, Beaufort, SC
Michael Fortney
Cheri King
Louise Jackson, Clover FUMC
Val Kenney, Director of Youth Ministries, St. John's UMC, Rock Hill
Emily Hutchison, Cayce United Methodist
Ashley Hutchison, Cayce United Methodist
Marc Sutton, Bethel/Philadelphia UMC
Steve Barksdale, Aldersgate UMC, Greenville
Katie Crockford, St. John’s UMC, Rock Hill
Bradford G. Webb, Sr., Anderson, SC
Mrs. Celia Richardson, St. Andrews UMC
Cora Allard Keese, Seneca, SC
Dr. Benjamin Woods, Central United Methodist Church
Linda Beckham, Trinity UMC, Darlington
Phil Waters, Waters Edge
Marion Dannert, member, Central UMC, Spartanburg
Janice Shillinglaw, St. John’s UMC, Rock Hill
Jim and Susan Matthews, St. Mark UMC, Seneca
Butch Shillinglaw, St. John’s UMC, Rock Hill
Nancy Blair Lybrand
Lavonne H. Sloop, St. Mark UMC, Seneca, SC
Carole Dunlap, member, Shandon United Methodist
Diane Horn, Rehoboth UMC
Judy and Brant Bynum, Bethel UMC
Margaret (Peggy) Palmer, Aldersgate UMC, Rock Hill
Robert D. Deal, Sr.
Edwin Hynson, worship chair, Suber-Marshall Memorial UMC
Perry Vandiver Henson, Central UMC, Spartanburg
Anne Sinclair, Washington Street UMC
Rev. Mallory Forte
Ryan Keese, St. Mark UMC
Sandy Dennis, Cayce UMC
Paul Burnette, Clemson United Methodist Church
Ellen Knight
Judith Polson
Jane J. Sharp, St. John's United Methodist, Rock Hill, SC
Lisa Douglas, Washington Street UMC
Katherine Hyatt, St. John's UMC Rock Hill, SC
Rev. Wiley Cooper
Judy Bailey, missions chair, Trinity UMC, Blythewood
David Turner, Ebenezer Lutheran
Melissia Brannen, Columbia
Gary and Jody Gaulin
Lesley Davis, St. John’s UMC, Rock Hill
Susan and Jeff Buckalew, Saint Mark UMC, Seneca, SC
Diana Harmon, Mt. Hebron UMC, West Columbia
Kathy Wright, Washington Street UMC
Teresa Glass, member, First UMC, Clover
Michael Keaton, member, Buncombe Street UMC
Tonja Keaton, member, Buncombe Street UMC
Marshall I. Pickens, Jr., lay leader, St Johns Anderson
Bitsy Pickens
Dorothy W. Webber, Washington Street UMC
Chip Reaves, laity, St Johns UMC, Anderson
Jane Wall
Tom Wall, Columbia Wesley Foundation
Nancy Austin, Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church, Savannah
Brian Murrell
Allison Brumfield
Barbara Connelly
Rebecca O. Malambri, St.John’s, Rock Hill
Lloyd Walker, Central UMC, Florence SC
Chip Williams, Washington Street UMC
Lauren Adams, Aldersgate UMC, Rock Hill
The Rev. J. David Myers, retired, CC Bethel Charge
S. Jahue Moore, Ashland UMC, Sunday school teacher, 40 years
Donna Vandiver
Rev. Dr. Paul A. Wood, Jr., Retired, Central UMC, Spartanburg
Rev. Christine Matthews
Rev. Dr. Keith D. Ray II
Caroline Pietila
Kay Jackson Lawrence, Central UMC, Spartanburg
Karen Hill, St. John's UMC, Rock Hill, SC
Richard Hill, St John's UMC, Rock Hill, SC
Dr. Sinclair Lewis, retired clergy
Adam Connor, Lexington UMC
Hope Carter Aldersgate, Rock Hill
Cecelia Bucy
Karen Hardy, Waters Edge United Methodist Church
Eric & Anne Snider, Clemson UMC
Pam Jenkins, Washington Street UMC
Phil Jenkins, Washington Street UMC
The Rev. Dr. Bob Stillwell
Steven E. Mapes
Neal Foster, Washington Street UMC
Robert Sheffield, Clemson UMC
Amber Randhawa, Lexington United Methodist Church
Will Bynum, Liberty Chapel UMC, Florence, SC
Judy Crosby, life-long Methodist
Justin L. Addington, Director of Music and Worship, St. John's UMC, Rock Hill, SC
Jens Holley, certified lay speaker, Saint Mark UMC, Seneca
Rev. Michael Goldston, Saint Paul, Greenville
Kathleen & David Williams, Windsor UMC, Columbia
Janet Lyda Williams, Buncombe Street UMC
Suzanne Sloan, Asbury Memorial UMC
William Grantland
Bill Hucks, Washington St. UMC, Columbia
Rev. Marvin Ira Lare, Shandon United Methodist Church, retired clergy
Ginny C. Kurtz, Lexington United Methodist Church
David and MaryJane Teague, Lexington UMC
Arlene Bowers Andrews, lay member
Emily Hazel, St. John's UMC Anderson
Janelle L. Rivers, Ph.D, Washington Street UMC
Rev. Frank Lybrand, Carteret Street UMC
Jonathan Vallentine, North Charleston UMC
Michael D. Jacoby, Two Rivers UMC
Sue W Lansberry
Bill Searcy
Marshall Johnson, Lexington UMC
Leigh Meese
Cohleen and Alex Vassey
Patsy Simmons
Candace Grose, Church of the Palms, Okatie
Dr. Elaine Ferraro
Barbara Latham
David Meese
Diane Duncan, St John’s UMC, Rock Hill
Lee Ann Livingston, St. John’s UMC, Rock Hill
Heather Walnock
Stacy Keelor, St. Mark United Methodist
Sylvia Echols, St John's, UMC Rock Hill
Julia C. Johnson
Jane Johnson, Buncombe Street, Greenville SC
Ilene Lund, Saint Mark UMC
Kaye Schwarzmann
Susan Dukes, N. Charleston United Methodist
Rannie French, Shandon United Methodist Church
Barbara Borom, PhD, Ashland UMC
David S. Harris, St. John's UMC, Rock Hill
Karen Carr, Washington Street UMC
Laura N. Peterson & Barry T. Peterson
Cecilia Davis, Grace UMC, Lancaster
Sharyn Mapes, Central UMC Florence
James C. Meadors, John Wesley UMC, Charleston
Reverend Pamela Ledbetter
John H. Tate
Rev. Paige Wolfe
Lori Oswalt, St. John's UMC, Anderson
Jean E. Tulli, member, CUMC, Clemson
Marianne Rogers
Lee Anne Stoddard, Main St. UMC, Columbia, SC
Tucker and Cynthia Mitchell, Central United Methodist, Florence
Nancy McWhorter
Jennifer Whetstone-Jackson
Ellen D. Carruth, Washington Street UMC
Marlene Edlund
Edna Patterson, St. Paul United Methodist Church
Deborah Goodwin
Bob Dobson, Saint Mark UMC, Seneca
Lynn Dobson, St. Mark, UMC Seneca
Linda S.Christoff, Waters Edge UMC, Beaufort
Tommy Hodge, St. Mark UMC, Seneca
Frankie P. Smith
Becky and Danny Smith, Central UMC, Spartanburg
Rev. Richard Reams, North Charleston UMC
Marjorie Bridges, Saint Mark UMC, Seneca
Rev. Sara Relaford
Evan Abrams, Waters Edge UMC, Beaufort
Mickey Burroughs, Simpsonville UNC
Eve Burroughs, member, Simpsonville UMC
Fonda Hancock, Simpsonville UMC
Bud Hancock
Miriam Bickerton, St. Mark UMC, Greenwood, SC
Linda Latchaw, Simpsonville UMC, SC
Erin McCall, John Wesley UMC
Brenda Smith, Simpsonville UMC
Patrick Lisi
Samantha Apgar, Liberty UMC, Liberty, SC, a lifelong Methodist
Lynn R. Reese, North Charleston UMC
Kelly Moore, Trinity UMC
Dennis and Harriett M. Dease, lay servant, Bethel UMC, Simpsonville
Lee Smith, WSUMC
Bonnie Holmes, St. Mark UMC
Rev. Janet Edwards, Hospital Chaplain
Kelli Hook, Mt. Horeb UMC
Jean Greer, Buncombe Street UMC
Dr. Richard Greer, Buncombe Street UMC
Margaret Utley, Buncombe Street UMC
M J Burke, member, SUMC, Simpsonville
Ann Burdet
N. Kay Ayers-Garren
Margaret June Cook
Carol Holder
Thomas Lund, St. Mark UMC
Larry Waterman, Saint Mark UMC, Seneca
Suzanne Coffman
Lacey Lipe
Jenny Eastin, Advent UMC
Rev. Philip Bostrom
Sally Fischer, St Mark UMC
Rev. W. Robert Borom, Retired Clergy
Martha Boynton, Washington Street UMC
Lynn Friedman, Clemson UMC
Winifred Conner, NCUMC
Norris Widener, Clemson UMC
Rev. Jim Correll, Retired
Danny Markus
Vicki Sanford
Steven McDaniel, Washington Street UMC
Marian Stillwell, St. Mark UMC, Seneca
Alice Spitzer, laity member of Advent UMC, Simpsonville, SC
Lee Roper, UMC of the Covenant
Rev. Debra Griffis-Woodberry, Retired
Pate Graham
Sandy Kammermann, Union United Methodist Church
Amber Wing
Rev. Julie Songer Belman
Rev. Diana Westerkam, Washington St.
Ken Hadley, Union United Methodist Church
Vicky Hadley, Union UMC
Gail B. Schmunk, Central UMC, Spartanburg, SC
Robert Bowers, Washington St. UMC
Rev. Shelly A. Holder
Grant N Jackson, Washington Street UMC
Rozanna Pfeiffer, Washington Street UMC, South Carolina
Dr. Swann Arp Adams, Virginia Wingard Memorial UMC
English C. Pearcy, Point Hope UMC
Alisha Travelpiece, laity, Disciples UMC, Greenville, SC
Daniel P. Stansell, Disciples UMC
Nancy Cottingham, Clemson United Methodist Church
Laura and Tripp Riley, Trenholm Road UMC
Laura Godfrey, council chair, Disciples UMC, Greenville
Betty C Stansell, Disciples UMC, Greenville SC
Diane Willson, Disciples UMC
Wayne Hall, St. Mark United Methodist Church
Edward Stallworth
Rev. Ken Owens
Emma Hinson, Disciples UMC, Greenville SC
Cindy Pearcy, Point Hope UMC
Rodney Hinson, Disciples UMC, Greenville
Melinda Ayer, Union UMC
Jane Arp, laity, St. Mark UMC, Columbia
Sue P Heiney, member
Angela Estes
Toni Nance, UUMC, Irmo, SC
Maceo Nance, Union UMC
Madison Hunt, UUMC, Irmo, S.C.
Cherie Hunt, UUMC, Irmo, SC
Cori Jones
Rev. Kurt Stutler, South Main Chapel & Mercy Center
Rev. Dr. John M. Stapleton, Retired
Mary P. Russell, Hopewell, Simpsonville
Alan A. Russell, Hopewell, Simpsonville
Hannah Miller, Union UMC
Mrs. Cynthia E. Stapleton
Cindy Waund, Washington Street UMC
Katie Conrad, Shandon United Methodist Church
DeLane M McAlister, St. Andrews By The Sea
Morgan Ames, Union UMC, Irmo, SC
Suzanne Rushing, CUMC
James C. Williamson, Ph.D., FUMC Cheraw
Lindsay Hunter, Shannon UMC
Mary Willa Roper Lowry, Trenholm Road UMC
Jill M. Ward
Erica Kay Oliveira, Missionary, St John’s UMC, Rock Hill
Rachel Hammond
Liddy Grantland
Rev. Tom Baynham
Reverend Susan Ulmer
Linda J. Ruggiero
Valorie Songer , Ashland UMC
Wayne N. Boddie, Washington Street UMC, Columbia, SC
Mary Wade Ward, member, KUMC
Elizabeth Aravena
Debbie Edens, Washington Street UMC
Rev. Michelle Cockcroft
Joshua Cockcroft, Simpsonville UMC
Dr. Benjamin T. Griffeth
Sally Cooke Christian, Washington Street UMC
Elizabeth Bragg, member, Central United Methodist Church
Brandy McGinnis, Inman UMC
Rev. Heather Humphries
Rev. Fadetra Harrington Boyd, College Place UMC
Becky Travis, Union UMC, Irmo, SC
Phyllis Kinsland, Inman UMC
Pam Morgan
Charles H Ayer, Union UMC, Irmo, SC
Debra Avent, Inman United Methodist Church
Paulette McCallistet
Henry R McCallister, Inman UMC
Justin M. Boazman
Mary Catherine Brock
M B Ulmer, Inman UMC
Rachel Smith, St. Mark, Seneca
Laurely Nance, Washington St. UMC
Alisa Liggett, Washington St. United Methodist Church
Susan Brown, Washington Street UMC
Anne Cox, Shandon UMC
Kathy C. Rogers, Washington Street UMC
Jennifer Stallworth, Inman UMC
Sheila Worley Bethel UMC, Spartanburg SC
Jan Smoak
Jordan Harper
Jonas McCartha
Anne Knight Watson, McClellanville UMC
Eleanore V. Langley, Washington Street UMC
Rev. Dr. Carl D. Evans
Susan P. Hefelfinger, Washington Street UMC
Robert Douglas, Washington Street UMC
Kelly Kinsland, Inman UMC, SC
Elizabeth M. Allen, Red Bank UMC
Dr. Peter D. Liggett, Washington St. UMC
Rufus B. Rogers, Washington Street UMC
Tracy Wilbur, Shandon UMC
Amy Holbert
Bill Verdell, Inman UMC
Annette Patterson
Stuart Hemphill
Julie McClendon, Shandon UMC
Dr. Richard L. Frierson, Washington Street UMC
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