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Expectations of an Officer
I agree that if selected, I will adhere to all of the following standards:
Read, understand, and if elected to any position agree to:
1. Serve the conference I am elected to in its entirety to the best of my ability;
2. Be the best district member I can be through active participation in meetings, service projects, recruitment, and general support to my local officers and Advisor(s);
3. Assist my Advisor(s) and fellow delegates with the preparation, leadership, and on-site support throughout the year
4. Keep open and regular communications with YMCA staff by phone or email
5. Read all guidelines and officer packets sent to me by the Y-Staff
6. Attend ALL planned Leadership Training Conferences(September, December, and February; Dates TBD)
7. Contact assigned Y-Staff in writing at least 10 days prior to an event if you are unable to attend any of the workshops, training events, or conferences mentioned above with a reasonable explanation to the satisfaction of the YMCA Executive Director;
8. Abide by the rules and regulations of my school and the laws of my community, state, and country.

Furthermore, I understand that if I do not meet all of these requirements I may be removed from office at the discretion of the State Director. I also understand that my or my delegation’s failure to conduct my campaign in an appropriate manner will result in my being removed as a Candidate. My parents/Guardians have also read and agreed to these expectations. We agree to all of the above, and indicate this agreement by signing our names below.

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