Photo Consent
Over the course of the school year, several opportunities arise where it is appropriate to take your child’s photograph.
The photographs have three purposes :-
1) To go in the local paper from time to time
2) To go on display boards in school
3) To be displayed on the school website or social media accounts as part of a celebration of work

Obviously when these photos are used, full names of children will NOT be given or used. Only their first name will appear in the press or on the website. We want to protect your child as much as possible and feel this is a good control to put in place.

We do need to have a record in school of your permission to use your child’s photograph.

There is the possibility of using short video clips of children in the future too – and again, we would NEVER disclose your child’s full name. Please can you indicate if we can use short video clips of your child on the website and social media too.
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