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HyperCube is a platform for artists and coders to launch blockchain-native art. This means art that is algorithmically generated and interacts with the blockchain. You can read more at: https://www.hypercube.art/

We are at the beginning of a new genre in art and we want to help artists participate!

If you are an artist with a concept but you don't yet have the knowledge to code it, that is OK! We will pair you with a coder to develop the concept.

If you are a coder proficient in computer graphics (e.g. libraries like p5.js, three.js, shaders etc) but don't yet have an idea for an art project, that is OK! We will pair you with an artist.

HyperCube is a highly curated platform and we would like to see examples of past work before accepting your application. If you are only just getting started you might like to join our discord and chat with other artists and coders first. https://discord.gg/aHfqyHsGuq

Note: Your proposed concept or its components must not be subject to copyright, intellectual property or require any kind of license by third parties.

Artworks that have been published, presented for sale or sold (even partially) will be dismissed. Only original artworks and concepts will be accepted.
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