Event sponsorship request
We have been supporting the hobby since 2008 and we see it as our most important job to keep doing that. But as we grow we find that we are receiving more requests for sponsorships and participation than we can handle. To make sure that we can keep supporting the hobby we ask that you fill out this form, and we will get back to you.
Terms and Conditions of sponsorship
Please note that The Army Painter receives between 2-3 requests every day for sponsorships and reviews. Due to this pressure on internal resources and manpower we have created an electronic form you will need to fill out to submit your request. No sponsorships or reviews will be accepted or read unless submitted in this format.
We will review all submitted forms at the beginning of every month, so please do not expect an answer overnight. Also, all submitted forms must be with us at least 2 months prior to the actual event. We will give all submitted forms an answer, no matter the result.
We hope you understand that we want to support every event, but due to the sheer amount of requests we cannot help everybody. If we have to decline your request it is by no means a “no” forever, please just try again next year.
For every event that we sponsor, we expect that you cross-promote to the best of your ability, both online and at the event itself. We will supply high resolution logo files, ready to print table cards and other marketing materials. It is up to you which you use and how to use them, as long as you use them to the best of your ability. After the event we expect some kind of feedback and pictures etc. that we can share and use in our promotions, and so we can further promote your event.
I have read and understood the terms and conditions that apply to The Army Painter sponsorship
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