July 22nd 2019 MCFAPA Meeting Child Care RSVP.
Join us on Monday, July 22nd 2019 6pm @ DHR, as Rebekah Smith comes to talk about the very latest in Trauma Informed Care and their applications.

Some of the topics covered will include:
-Trauma definitions
-Adverse Childhood Event's study (ACE's) and how this relates to foster care
-The biology of trauma
-Trauma-informed care and applications: The six principles of safety, collaboration, trustworthiness/transparency, peer support, empowerment/choice, and culture.
-The role of self-care

We will have a movie as usual for any child that can sit through a movie.

How many Children from your family, in total, will require daycare.
How many are age 4 and under?
How many are between the ages 5-6?
How many are the age of 7 and over?
Do you have any requests for the movie?
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