Canyoning Survey
NSW Canyoning Association (NSWCA) Survey

This survey has been created for the following reasons:
- to gather some data on canyoning activity levels in Australia.
- to help guide the NSWCA in developing its strategy and determine its priorities and actions.
- to provide feedback and suggestions on what we are and what you think we should be working on.

As a relatively new organisation run by volunteers, we need help in making canyoning in Australia a safe, fun, accessible, and supported activity.
Your input is very valuable to us.
Thank you for completing the survey.
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How many times have you been canyoning? *
How do you go canyoning? *
How did you hear about the NSW Canyoning Association? *
What area do you do most of your canyoning in? *
Please rank each of the following environmental concerns for canyoning in Australia from Least (1) to Most (5) important. *
1 (Least)
5 (Most)
Entry and exit track erosion.
Canyon erosion, wear, and damage.
Anchor damage to flora (i.e. trees).
Rock damage from bolting.
Trampled flora / vegetation.
Distress to fauna / wildlife.
Mining, construction, and development.
What events & activities would you like to see organised for canyoners? *
Please rank each of the following administrative concerns for canyoning in Australia from Least (1) to Most (5) important.
1 (Least)
5 (Most)
Canyon access - private property restrictions.
Canyon access - public (Government, National Parks) restrictions.
Group sizes.
Overuse leading to environmental damage. Commercial. Social media. Clubs. Private.
Training and skill development of members.
Accidents and incidents. Risk management. Rescue. Safety.
Relationships with public organisations (National Parks, Police, Councils, Rescue, State Goverment, Other).
Managing the environment impacts of canyoning (erosion, damage, litter, business, development, other).
Canyon care - rehabilitation of natural locations adversely impacted by people.
If you would like to provide suggestions or feedback, please reply below. *
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