Free Fringe Idea Submission Form
The Hideout is seeking ideas for show concepts in The Free Fringe, which happens every Thursday at 9:30pm.

The show is designed for all your experimental ideas that don't quite fit anywhere else. This is the experimental slot, the "I wonder what happens if" slot, the "I've always wanted to" slot.

The Free Fringe is concept-driven, rather than troupe driven. Come up with an idea or 10, and submit them each via the form.

If you get contacted about doing the show, that's when you should assemble your cast. I'd rather you put together a group of people who you think would be perfect for the show, rather than submitting your existing troupe.

Performance slots will vary in length, depending on what the concept warrants and what else is being booked for the night.

So let's hear it!

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the name for your idea
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ideal running length
0 to 50 minutes (don't care/know is also valid)
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minimum running length
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Here's where you tell me all about your idea. The more detail, the better, but don't let uncertainty keep you from submitting
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A short 2 to 3 sentence public-facing description of the show, for use on the website.
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Estimated Cast Size
just some rough idea, like 1 person, 2-4 people, etc...
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Is this a new idea?
Have you performed this idea before? If so, when/where and how often?
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Potential cohorts
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