Tidewater Chrysalis Sponsor's Application
Mail form to: Tidewater Chrysalis PO Box 8534, VA Beach, VA 23450
Email: tidewaterchrysalisregistrar@gmail.com
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Before sponsoring an individual on a Chrysalis Flight, please make sure you are prepared to...
1. Fully explain Chrysalis to your applicant and parents/guardians; retrieve application and permission form
2. Acquire 10 minimum special letters from the applicant's family, friends, and/or church community
3. Make every effort to acquire the $160 participant fee
4. Attend sponsor's hour, candlelight, and closing
5. Actively participate in their 4th day: Provide transportation to Chrysalis Rushes and Emmaus/Chrysalis gatherings; stay in communication; encourage reunion group and ongoing participation in the Community
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