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T.A.N. (Transylvania Angels Network) is a group of business people interested in angel investing and supporting startups. You can read more about it here:

This form is dedicated for startups that are looking for pre-seed or seed (co)investment and want to get in touch with T.A.N. If this is your intention, please answer the questions below and we will come back to you with an answer (either for setting up a meeting/call or for pitching in our next meetup). Please take the questions very seriously. Based on your answers here we create a startup profile that we send to our members.
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e.g Valuation of 1M EUR pre-money; looking for 300K EUR for 10% of the company
How much do you want to raise, for what percentage of the startup and how much has been committed until now? *
e.g Looking for 300K EUR for 10% of the company; Tell us if you have a leading investor, how much money have you raised until now, if you have some soft commitments
What is your current progress of the startup? *
Tell us if you have any users, any clients, partnerships, team growth
How many people do you have in your team and how experienced are they? *
 Team-makeup - roles, responsibilities
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Link to pitch deck slides (from it we need to understand details about 1. the problem your startup solves, 2. the solution you are providing, 3. status of the product, 4. business model, 5. market potential, 6. traction so far, 7. growth strategy, 8. team and advisors 9. investment needs, 10. exist strategy or/and advisors and anything else that might be of use for us) *
What mechanism would an investor use for this round? (equity, convertible notes, other proposals) *
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