Level 3 Registration Form (ages 10-13)
This registration is for the Academic school year 2019-20

[A] Payment options:
(1) Fee is to be paid per month for each semester.
(2) Semester 1 (September to January) & Semester 2: (February to May)
(2) Fee is non-refundable
(3) If student leaves anytime during the semester, fee is required for all remaining months of that semester.
(3) Exceptional cases to be discussed and approved by Taleem administration only.
(4) Fees are not prorated
(5) Payments can be made in cash, by cheque or e-transfer

[B] Fee Amounts:
(1) $60 Monthly
(2) A $20 non-refundable registration fee also applies.
(3) Fee for first semester (Sept-Jan) is $300.
(4) Fee for second semester (Feb-May) is $ 240.

[C] Other Payments:
(1) Books Cost (one time): Arabic text book $12, Notes copy $5.

For e-transfers, please use the email taleemweekendschool@gmail.com.

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Health Information (If student is already a student @ Taleem Academy, move to the next section. Please give copy of student immunization record to the office.)
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Family Information
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Photography - I agree to give Taleem Academy permission to take pictures of my child while participating in the various programs and activities at the Taleem Academy to be used solely for the purpose of advertisement and promotion in the future. *
I understand and agree that Taleem Academy shall not be held responsible for any medical costs incurred in any situation. I understand that I am financially responsible for any medical costs incurred. Taleem reserves the right to cancel the registration if rules and policies of the school are not followed. *
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