HansenMath: Request for re-Test
To apply for a retest, this form must be filled out and submitted. You have 72 hours from when your original test was physically returned to apply for retest. Retests must be approved by Mr. Hansen. You will receive an e-mail reply shortly regarding next steps.
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First Name *
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Class / Period *
Name of assessment you wish to re-test *
Original score on assessment you wish to re-test *
Which specific problem numbers did you get wrong? *
Why do you feel you performed below your potential of this test? *
Prior to re-test, on a separate sheet of paper, you need to correct the problems you got incorrect and explain what you did wrong. Did you do this? *
Why do you believe you'll do better on a re-test? What steps have you taken to increase the likelihood of improvement? *
What dates are you available to re-test in the next few days? (Let me know: lunch or time after school) *
As the student, I understand I must wait for Mr. Hansen to send an e-mail reply to this request prior to attempting a re-test. Mr. Hansen also reserves the right to revoke this retest policy ay any time. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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