Fog City Stomp 2016 - Crew Member Interest Survey
If you're interested in becoming a crew member for Fog City Stomp 2016, please sign up here! We ask that you register and pay before the event.

Important things to note:
- At the end of the weekend, you will receive reimbursement at the rate of $10/hour worked.
- In an attempt to be fair to all parties, we try to offer 6 - 9 hours per crew member for the weekend, though we cannot make any guarantees.
- Every crew member will be required to work at least one closing shift.

You can contact Cari ( with questions or concerns.

First Name
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Last Name
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Email Address
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What's your phone number & preferred method of contact?
Call? Text? Email? Telepathy?
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Have you registered and paid yet?
Crew Members will be reimbursed after the event.
Are you taking classes?
If you are taking classes, what level are you expecting to be placed in?
Please write n/a if you are not taking classes. If you're not sure which track (Lindy Hop or Solo Jazz) you're taking, make your best guess for both.
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