Calvert Democrats Precinct Captain & Volunteer Sign-up
Below are Calvert's 23 precincts and polling places. We need at least one captain in each precinct AND as many volunteers willing to help as we can find. Fill out the form below to sign up and be contacted about how you can help!

Find out what it means to be a precinct captain:
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Here's all of Calvert's precincts on a map:

01-001 (Solomons Rescue)
01-002 (Southern Middle) - captain needed!
01-003 (St. Leonard Elementary)
01-004 (Mutual Elementary) - captain needed!
01-005 (Patuxent Elementary)
01-006 (Paxtuent High School)
01-007 (Mill Creek Middle School)
02-001 (St. Leonard VFD)
02-002 (Calvert Fairgrounds)
02-003 (Huntingtown High)
02-004 (Calvert Middle School)
02-005 (Plum Point Elementary) - captain needed!
02-006 (Huntingtown Elementary) - captain needed!
02-007 (Northern Middle)
02-008 (Calvert Pines)
03-001 (North Beach VFD)
03-002 (Beach Elementary)
03-003 (Sunderland Elementary) - captain needed!
03-004 (Windy Hill Elementary) - captain needed!
03-005 (Windy Hill Middle)
03-006 (Dunkirk VFD) - captain needed!
03-007 (Mt. Harmony Elementary)
03-008 (Northeast Community Center) - captain needed!

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