What is OIC ?
OIC is a capture the island mission aiming persistence game play in organized manner.

What are the main features ?

TBAAS : Turn Based Advance and Secure, only 1 team can attack in a time to connected sector. Sectors are always cities or villages. Winner of the sector will be the next attacker. 1 life per player for each sector attack/defense. Limited time for each attack.

Mods: CBA & Taskforce Radio

Commander: 1 per side, the only one who has access to attack sector selection

Persistence: Player position, health, inventory, money; Vehicles position,inventory and key owners are saved on the server database. Sector owners. Date & hour.

White-listing : Leaders are white-listed, and only leaders can add players to join there sides.

Role selection : Squad specific roles (LAT, LMG, GL..) or Team Specific roles (Commander, HAT, AA, HMG, crewman, pilot..) with kit & vehicle restriction script.

Economy : Salary system with vehicle & weapon shops with items limited to role selection. Using ATMs to transfer money between same side.

Medical System : Vanilla Arma 3 with revive of wounded.

Time & Weather: Accelerated time (day & night cycle) and random weather.

System cleaning : Dead bodies, and vehicles will be erased. Unused vehicles will be erased by server.

Markers: Player & vehicle markers.

Who is the organizer ?
ToK (Turkish Special Forces) active in Arma since 2006

Rules & Features (more detailed)

Battle day : Every Saturday at 20:30 CET
Battle Duration: 3 hours
Campaign Duration : 12 Battles
Winning condition: side with most sectors
Sides: CSAT vs NATO

Subscription until : 17/03/2018 or all slots (30 players each side) will be occupied
Kick off meeting at 17/03/2018 at 21:00 CET , campaign description & teams freeze
First Battle: 24/03/2018 at 20:30 CET

TeamSpeak Server:
Battle Server: (located at Germany)

Contact Person: |ToK|Alper
@Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033925869/

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