Reopening in a New Normal: Faith-Based Organizations, Services After COVID-19, A Survey
Canadian Multifaith Federation (CMF) is a national Multifaith organization with experience and expertise in spiritual and religious care, chaplaincy.

To serve Canadians more effectively, we request you to complete this survey.

Today the heads of spiritual and religious organizations, theologians, faculty, spiritual and religious care providers/chaplains, and all the concerned will definitely like to reflect on the increasing challenges, in their respective context, about the emerging new normal. And this survey is very timely and valuable in order to help visualize the difference between what was “Pre-Covid-19” and “After Covid-19.”

In short, this brief survey is to get the pulse of how faith-based groups, communities, services in Canada will return to a normal life under new circumstances.

If this survey technique interests you in identifying needs, we will be happy to help you in designing a customized survey based on your specific community needs, as well as, any faith-based services you would like to offer.

The main results of this survey will be a very useful educational resource for the faith-based service providers. Hence, it may be posted on our website. To ensure confidentiality, any respondent's names, and emails will be removed.

Note: If this should have been sent to someone else in an organization that you know is responsible, please forward it to the concerned.

If you have any questions about this survey kindly contact us at
1.a. What is the name of the faith-based group or community or organization you are affiliated with? *
1.b. For classification purpose, would this group be broadly identified as: Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Jewish, Sikh, Zoroastrian, Wiccan, Rastafarian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, agnostic, spiritualist, Other (please specify)? (Pick one) *
2. Your name or name of the person who is the main contact of this group (optional):
3. Your email or email address of the main contact of this group (optional):
4. Location (City, Province) *
5. In order to return to regular routine tasks, is there a long-term plan? *
6. If yes, what are main steps to implement the new norm (following social distancing and public health guidelines)?
7. Moving forward, which major changes are being considered with regards to the following: (Check all that apply). *
8. What are the types of services/programs will be offered then (irrespective of physical &/or virtual)? (Check all that apply). *
9. What information and resources would you like to add in the new scenario? (i.e., for awareness about programs, and using brochures, videos, educational tools, social media, etc.)
CMF thanks you for your compassionate support in this matter!
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