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The Institute of Journalists Malaysia is the professional body of journalists, and upholds ethical and independent journalism, freedom of the press and freedom of expression. Incorporated under the Companies Act 1965 as a company limited by guarantee, the Institute is a tax-exempt non-profit organisation. Membership is open to all journalists as well as all others who support the Institute's principles and objectives. Co. No. 1041328-V
The Institute of Journalists Malaysia is the professional body of journaists.
About this application
* This form is for individuals. All journalists may apply for membership -- only fulltime working journalists will be admitted as Ordinary or Freelance members; non-fulltime journalists and others will be admitted as Associate or Student members.
* Membership applications must be accompanied by advance payment of the annual subscription of RM120.
* Applications are subject to approval by the Board of Governors. They may reassign categories or require additional information.
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