Grade Seven Social Club
Welcome the Grade 7 Social Club for Steller Students! All Steller students - learning from home, or at school - are welcome to join and participate as much as they want. Once you have read through the information and completed this form we will email you the link the the platform we are using (called Padlet), and for any Zoom meetings we may hold.
We look forward to meeting you.
Kirsten Tschofen
Chair, Steller Parent Group
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Why are we starting a Grade Seven Social Club?
This is a fun and voluntary opportunity for grade seven students to get to know each other!
What will we do in the Grade Seven Social Club?
1) Every student in grade 7 will receive a laminated cutout of our grade level mascot, a link to the Padlet Platform, and to the Zoom meeting space.
2) Each week we will post a Creative Challenge and Discussion Prompt on the Padlet Platform.
3) Students are invited to share their answers by commenting, posting photos and GIFs, or even making short videos.
4) Students can see each other's answers and are invited to respond to each other and have fun.
5) We will also host a few live Zoom meetings where grade seven students can meet and interact (dates TBA).
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