Climatelinks Blog Idea Submission
Would you like to submit a blog idea to Climatelinks? Send us a brief summary (1 paragraph) of your suggested blog topic. We will review and respond to your submission.

General Climatelinks blogs guidelines:

- Blogs are 400-500 words
- Blogs include at least two photos
- Blog topics relate to climate change and development

The content and style of Climatelinks blogs are quite flexible. Blogs can be written in first or third person. Common blog types on Climatelinks are about:

- A new resource (e.g., a case study from Kenya:

- Sharing a practitioner's passion or perspective - can be about the person or by the person (e.g., or

- A read-out from an event (e.g., this one from a monthly Community Adaptation Meeting:

- A synthesis of accomplishments, results and what they may tell us about future directions (e.g., this one on USAID's adaptation programs:

- Highlighting the co-benefits of considering climate change or altering traditional ways of doing things that result in climate & other benefits (e.g.,

Check out all of our blogs for more examples of our content:

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